The New Beginning


Well who would have known that in a year I would be made redundant, circumnavigate the world and be free to publish my writing under my own name? With that in mind, my new found litearay freedom does make one feel a little vulnerable. When you write under a different name you can hide. The thing is what is the point of hiding? I say that but I have hidden for years. The excuse was the huge cooperation that I worked for. To release books there was a need to have written permission and your books to be examined by legal and compliance to make sure that what you were creating did not reveal anything that could degrade the company. It makes sense and I chose to work there.  Or maybe it makes sense why I chose to hide there. It all depends how you look at it; however, I am now entering the literary world without disguise and with a huge Ta Daaaaa. I am feeling a little naked….


The thing is it is easy to hide. Yet why come to earth and go through all that birth malarchy if you are not going to take full responsibility? This is my first step towards standing against what I have created. My three books will be released on the 5th May 2017. This date was suggested by my astrologer friend. It is apparently a good date to release something new. So let’s see what happens. If anything, it is all exciting to say the least.

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2 responses to “The New Beginning”

  1. Michelle Loverley Dry, well done for exposing yourself, more daring than a photo shoot in the old town , Love it ! Always been a fan of your random wackiness and your creative soul keep on creating and believe in yourself much love Claire xx


    1. Clair e thank you so much. It like that dream where you are sitting naked on a toilet in a room full of business people and you are desperate for the loo but are doing your best to pretend that you are not actually naked sitting on a toilet in a room full of people.


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