So what’s all the hype about HYPE?

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How much do you like hype? How much do you love to hype? The reason that I am thinking about this is because I am about to release three books on the same date. So what does one have to do to hype? I used to avoid letting people know about my work and wrote under a secret name. I have been there, hidden and done that. So rather than avoid telling people about your product and curling into a ball then take the opportunity to hype. It is actually fun and creative. How else will the world know about your little beauties? Magic?


Over the last couple of days there have been numerous posts, tweets and feeds all letting people know that on the ‘auspicious’ date of May the 5th three novels will be birthed into the world by moi. My friends are very supportive; however, some of my friends find the concept of hyping cringe-worthy. In fact over the last couple of weeks many of my friends have said they are glad they have ‘normal’ jobs because then they don’t have to hype and make a big thing about what they have created. Well that is a nice safe life isn’t it? Imagine if Samsung or Apple had not hyped a product and let the world know it existed? What would you be texting people with now? A brick?


With the above hype-phobic people in mind, I feel that it is only fair to create a new perspective for you regarding the hype. Let me first say that hype is not about you. It about what you are delivering to the world. Have you considered that maybe you are doing the world a favour by providing a product that they need? Imagine if the book The Secret had never reached the masses.  As much as people scoff at it, it has helped so many people adjust mind-sets. Imagine if Harry Potter had been hiding its light under a pile of newspapers because J.K. Rowling did not like the idea of hype. Oh people might not like Harry, oh I can’t possibly hype it (said in a high-pitched girly voice).

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Another shift in perspective regarding hype is the challenge. Look at it in the same way as training for a sports event. You can provide a time-frame to really hyping go for it. You are they hyping athlete who has trained for the race. The hyping race builds momentum until the finish line (the release day). Isn’t that exciting? Obviously people fear that they hype and then nothing. Booooo! Hisss! What if you hype, people love what you hype and it was all worthwhile. Why do we always focus on the negative? If you shine your torch on a turd then you will get an illuminated turd! Shine your light on the potential rather than the doom. I am not saying don’t be realistic, but I am saying that so many people fail themselves before they even start.


There is a common theme amongst authors and writers that I have taught, is they don’t want to market their work. They just want to put it out in the world and see what happens. Sorry? You have spent years creating, writing and working on your beautiful creation and you want to hand it over to someone else? Erm… Excuse me… why should someone actively search you or your product out? What makes your work so special that they are willing to go on a hunt for that which they do not actually know exists? The first thing you have to do is let people know of the existence so that the potential buyer can choose. That is why hype is so important because it enables people know that something rather wonderful or beautiful is soon to be available to them.

As I have said that I am releasing three books on Amazon that I loved writing: Retina Blue, The Resonance and Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate. They were all such a joy to create that sharing them with the world is wonderful in itself. Now you know they exist then I hope you love them too.




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