Making the leap into a new life.

Life is funny how it can throw you some fantastic dilemmas. In comparison to many people my dilemma isn’t that bad, in fact it is lovely. The question was: do I or don’t I commit career suicide? For those who follow my blogs, you will be aware that I used to work as a business analyst and innovator and then in my spare time enjoyed writing books and blogs. The books are my creative release, so they will continue being written because writing is a compulsion. I can’t not do it.

So here was the dilemma:

I took the opportunity for redundancy – great. The world was full of possibility. I finished work and returned to cruise ships to work on board in a writing capacity. It sounds fantastic; however, it involved working ten hour days, seven days a week for five months in a row. What’s more the money wasn’t great. I covered my mortgage and lived relatively frugally while I circumnavigated the world. The thing with writing all the times was that there wasn’t a lot left for creative writing. Of course everything on board was taken care of. I worked on ships for years previously and enjoyed it. The reason I returned to ‘real life’ was because one of the ships I was working on almost sunk in Antarctica. That potential catastrophe made me re-evaluate existence and return to land to live a ‘safe-ish’ life. Of course the week I returned to land I managed to cycle in a swarm of twenty thousand bees. Yep! That is apparently the safe life! Over the last twelve years I have to admit writing became my escape from the mundane and boredom of corporate culture. So the ships have provided me with inspiration, new lands and potential.

Taking to the seas again provided wonderful potential for adventure while working in a writing /editing capacity. It seemed like a wonderful dream; although the reality of being on board was entirely different.  It was hard work yet there was so much fun. Of course these sequence of events got me thinking and asking questions. The thing is this is life and what do you want to say when you are on your death-bed: yes I earned loads of money or I experienced every day fully and saw the world? I am lucky because I am free to follow any route because I have no commitments. That is why I committed the career suicide and travelled again. The inspiration, the potential blogs and the idea of the experience thrilled me. The thing is when you work four months on and two months off you can focus completely on writing during your leave time… It may not look like a dilemma, the thing is by stepping away from business analysis was like committing career suicide. By not living fully one is committing another type of spiritual death.

The thing is I get bored easily and in my opinion what is better sitting waiting for life to happen or going out there and living it. The answer is the latter and that is why it looks as though I am soon to be off again. Which means travel blog potential. Yipee!!!




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