The Resonance Chapter 1

For the next 5 weeks I will be releasing two chapters per week over the weekend.

Please enjoy!

The Resonance


Michelle Dry


Copyright Michelle Dry 2017

This book shall not be lent, resold or hired out by way of trade or otherwise without the author’s consent. All rights remain with the author: Michelle Dry

An open heart truly feels life.



‘They’re us and we’re them. There will never be a time when the two tribes will not be drawn to one another – that is our curse, our burden and our secret.’



The Resonation


A bizarre humming filled the air and swirled about the remote Scottish village of Gardenstown – she was searching. The villagers purposely avoided discussion, glanced at each other knowingly and scurried to the safety of their grey, stone cottages. Trouble was brewing, she would have her wrath and the culprit would die – it was inevitable.



The fluid motion

June last year


The waves that crisp morning peeled elegantly towards the shore. Rainbows danced amongst the salty spray. The undulating motion of the scarlet-tinged ocean drowned out her subtle call. Her love was unaware he had chosen her and that she had accepted.


Marty, wearing dark jeans and a green hoody, stood at the edge of the cliff top, gazing down at the sea with his arms folded. The smell of damp grass and seaweed wafted on the same breeze ruffling his dark, wavy hair. With a quick flick, he swept a few wispy strands behind his ear and continued to dither. Should he go in? The thought of climbing into a damp wetsuit at that time of the morning was enough to turn anyone off! Rubbing his tired eyes, he was consumed in his usual shall I or shan’t I routine. After picking fluff off the arm of his hoody, he shuffled towards Bertha, his camper van, turned back and paused. Was that a woman swimming?

Out to sea an enormous set of waves rose on the horizon. The unsuspecting swimmer maintained her rhythmic crawl. Surely she would notice. The rolling waves gathered momentum as they pursued her and prepared their weighty descent.

“Bollocks!” he muttered under his breath. With a jolt, he tore down the rickety staircase, navigated the slippery cockle-crunching shoreline and broke into a sprint on the compacted sand.

The first wave towered above the girl.

“You need to come in,” shouted Marty, waving frantically from the beach.

With the repetitive crawling rhythm, the swimmer did not break her routine. Instead, she continued oblivious to the rising ocean walls. With a sense of helplessness, Marty watched the wave peak, tumble and crash down. She was gone.

He waited for some indication of her location. Nothing. With a glare at the water, he gritted his teeth. Why did it always happen to him? In aggravation, he kicked off his flip-flops and waded into the shallows. The froth of the first wave roared towards him. He dived and surfaced. Sucking in a lung-full of air, he submerged intending to swim beyond the break. As he swam, he urgently searched for even a hint of her presence. There was nothing. Surfacing for another breath, a huge wave rose above him. Marty gazed up at the glistening, fluid wall and ducked back to the churn beneath. Could he see hair or seaweed? The circling ocean motion spun his athletic physique into an area of calm where a peaceful figure was suspended. With a mass of golden hair drifting in all directions and mischievous glint in her eye, she smiled. It was her!

His heart pounded as the air slowly evacuated his lungs. As he sunk, he gazed at the beautiful creature knowing he had to surface. With a strong kick, his survival instincts overrode his desire to stay. Full of curiosity, she followed him, circled and silently peered into his soul. She emitted a gentle hum that tingled through his veins. He had to surface! With an amused expression she radiated the feeling of love.

With the expression of confusion, he touched his heart.

She smiled and radiated again.

Butterflies tingled in his gut.

He was mesmerised. He desired to stay.





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