Hello everyone, There will be 2 Chapters released each week until I reach 10 Chapters.

OUT MAY 5TH 2017




The ache of desperation shot through him. The instinctual throb of survival drove him as he clutched at the water and frantically struggled to the surface. With a massive gasp, he filled his lungs and Crash! The tumbling wall of water cast him into an uncontrollable spin. After a number of rotations, the bubbling froth spewed him into the breaking zone. Taking in as much air has he could, he urgently dived. Aiming at the shore, he cleared the underwater stir and arrived at calm water. Where was she? Was she even alive? What had just happened?

          With the awareness of yet another set forming, he scanned the break for signs of her. What should he do? His mind constructed the limited information whilst his body bawled the need for warmth. Patches of dark red sun reflected on the green water like poppies on grass. Should he go ashore? If he went to find help, she could drown. If he didn’t, she could also drown.

          After four strokes to shore, he paused. Why was there no one to tell him what to do? He was only nineteen, why did things like that keep happening to him? ‘It’ had happened to his father only six months previously. ‘It’ could happen to anyone. Had ‘it’ just happened to her?

          Marty wiped his nose, his gut ‘said’ find help – he had to learn to follow his gut and stop thinking all the time. “Think about not thinking?” he had asked the councillor.

          “Your endless thinking is what gives you the headaches. You need to find a way to be in the moment. You can’t spend twenty hours a day staring at a computer screen to avoid feeling. You need to spend time in reality,” she had said.

          The memory fractured as the new set of waves travelled elegantly towards him. “Bloody reality!” he muttered. He reached into a lesser wave and body surfed towards the shore. He needed to find help.

          Behind the wall of water, Marty caught a glimpse of a shadow travelling at the same rate as the wave. Rotating onto his back, he attempted to gain a better look. It was gone. As he drew close to the shore, the underwater girl bothered him. Why wasn’t she frightened? How could she hold her breath for so long?

          Consumed in analysis, Marty waded through the shallows. At first he didn’t notice the subtle resonation, but the sound intensified and begged attention. He came to a halt and stood scanning the area. Something was calling but there was nothing there. Was it the beginnings of another headache? The sound penetrated his mind and pulsated in his heart. The more he searched, the more the sound circled and spiralled. Splash! In the distance, a shape broke the surface and disappeared. He stood squinting at the shifting shapes of the waves and swayed with dizziness.

          The water became motionless but the resonation remained. To Marty’s left, the girl rose from the ocean but only revealed her shoulders. She ventured tentatively closer, smiled in amusement but studied him seductively.

          Marty was transfixed. Her rusty, wet hair contrasted with her pale, clear skin. The glowing green eyes were stunning! She looked like a pre-Raphaelite painting – like Ophelia. The bare skin and the curve of her neck hinted at nakedness. Yet her hair conveniently covered anything obvious. Still he couldn’t help but gawk.

The girl gazed at him in a sensual manner with her chin down and a certain glint in her eye.

The resonation pulsated like a heartbeat.

The radiating love warmed him. He stepped forwards.

She jerked away.

          “I won’t hurt you,” he said softly.

She remained silent but blinked; her eyelids moved sideways.

Marty fought a frown but was inquisitive.

She ventured closer and gazed into his eyes. The way she looked softened him. With the pounding hum of a heartbeat, she reached out and touched his hand. A spark of blue light travelled across the surface of his skin. A tingle of warmth travelled through his whole body and burst into his heart. With a gasp, he threw his head back and dropped to his knees in the shallows. He was helpless as the moment expanded. For the first time in a long time he could ‘truly feel!’

The resonation increased, the radiation tingled and the rhythm of the ocean overwhelmed him. She had penetrated the depths of his soul. They were connected.






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