Release Day Race – Anything Can Happen!

MDRYBOOKBANNERWe are coming into the final few hours of the Release Day Race and here is the update. It just goes to show that you never know what is going to happen. The clear winner up until now was A Short Course in Creative Writing; however, it seems to be having a nap. In that time The Hairy Legged Mystery caught up and overtook. I know! Have all the creative writers gone to their laptops to create a masterpiece? Who knows? So The Hairy Legged Mystery is in the lead. The Office Zoo had a surge at around 5.00pm. Isn’t that strange? I don’t think so… I think there was a quick download before people went home. The 5.01club, as they are called, probably hit the link and clicked the download at five before racing out the door. I have to say I did love the audio version of the Office Zoo especially when Ray, the producer, talked about the office stinker. Anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if the Office Zoo purchasers read it tonight to determine which office animal they are and who they share the office waterhole with.

So the current race positions are as follows:  in first place The Hairy Legged Mystery. Second place A Short Course in Creative Writing followed by Third place The Office Zoo and fourth place Elora, The One Winged Fairy – The Last Baby Giggle. With a few hours to go things can change. To be continued…




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