RELEASE DAY RACE? It has turned into a release day book race! Yipee! -Shout -POWER!!!!


Life is blooming marvellous. It is at times like this that you realise how many people actually want you to succeed. Thank you all for your messages of support and thank you to all those wonderful people who have downloaded books. When watching the book downloads it is like a race. At the moment the leaders are A Short Course in Creative Writing. I am not surprised by that because my ex-creative writing students are probably going for that. In second place is the Hairy Legged Mystery – I guess the title sells that and so many of my friends have children. Third place is Love Hunt, I would assume the reviews, the humour and the rumpy pumpy have something to do with that! That book was such fun to write. That was when I invented the phrase: ‘dunkin’ the dicky doughnut!’ As you can imagine that was one of those moments where I fell about laughing. See writing is fun! Oh and the fourth and fifth place are Money Farm and The Office Zoo. That is because I spent years working in banks. I would guess half of the people are trying to work out what office animal they are while the other half are like ‘THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF FINANCE????’ Ha. We will see what happens as the day progresses. I personally thought that Retina Blue would be a flyer. It is steady; however, I thought that would appeal to all those who have done NSA. We will see what unfolds. The release  dayrace day is not over yet

A quick note on shouting ‘Power’.

When we were in a rowning race and it was getting exciting – we used to scream POWER!!! This would up the rate and motivate everyone… I have been known to shout it quite loudly at times…

Try it – scream ‘POWER’ at the top of your lungs and see what happens!

Oh my goodness – I hope you are at work when you scream that!



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