Release Day Race – They Crossed The Finish Line!!! We Have a WINNER!!!! Yey!


Well it has been a day of unexpected book release race happenings. Who would have thought that The Hairy Legged Mystery would be racing neck and neck against Elora, The One Winged Fairy? I certainly could not have anticipated that the Office Zoo and Money Farm would be selling at a similar rate beside each other. Of course a few surprise contenders have jostled for position. So imagine we are approaching the finish line and The Hairy Legged mystery tripped and fell. Yes! Literally Elora, with her one wing flitted past! She took the winning position. However, The Hairy Legged mystery didn’t only get ‘chicked by a girly fairy,’ The Resonance and all her mermaid style must have been downloaded by teenagers. Who knows how that happened? So this is how the release race turned out:

In first place: Elora, The One Winged Fairy – The Last Baby Giggle.

In second place: The Resonance (although everyone who has read this isn’t surprised…’

In third place: The Hairy Legged Mystery

In fourth place: A Short Course in Creative Writing.

In 5th place: Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate

Could I have anticipated this at all? I thought the adult books would be the winners. I had expected Retina Blue, Money Farm and The Love Hunts to beat the others. Why? Retina Blue is full of Wisdom. Money Farm is contentious and discusses the future of money. Love Hunt… This has been one of my bestsellers before because of the humour. So what I don’t understand is how Elora, The One Winged Fairy and The Hairy Legged Mystery won. Is it because of the titles? Is it because of the one wing versus a pair of hairy legs? Who knows? It just goes to show that what you expect is never the case when it comes to a race.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of those who have purchased books, all of those who have shared my posts and everyone for joining me on a fun release day!






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