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What is it that makes life memorable? What is it that you think back and go… yes that is what life is about? When you look at your past selves and your future self what is it that made you who you are? Yes these are big questions and we all have different answers; yet, in my previous blog I discussed commiting the ultimate in career suicide.


Why? Well this year I had some rather peculiar incidents that can only be likened to residing in the Trueman show. The end result was that I was made redundant from a company that I assumed I was going to work with until retirement.  I might have lived a life where I could play it safe, well for a while at least… Admittedly, I enjoyed my job working with financial incidents, doing analysis and running a social media team. In my spare time I wrote books, taught creative writing and still continued my old profession (as a photographer) as a hobby.  It was a nice safe lifestyle that involved competitive rowing because I still needed some kind of thrill or limit pusher.


Yep… So I don’t know about you but the people surrounding me, my great friends, all seem to be experiencing ‘wake-up calls’ and re-directions at the moment. It is during this time that we have been in numerous discussions about life, the universe and the freedom to experience. The thing is everything in my life has now freed me up to travel again. So when I talk to my married, child-filled friends they look at me with eyes that desire the freedom to travel; yet, at the same time they love their chosen lives with family. In comparison I have no attachments and my life before the financial institution was one that circumnavigated the world, photographed and experienced. I always had a story and always a sense of novelty. It was a life that many would not like because it was rather nomadic. In fact I could be found with a nomad tribe, in a random desert, eating dates with coconut or goat milk. It is these memories that made me consider how life can be so exciting. That every day can be lived to the full. As wonderful as it was to watch a large screen fill up with financial system destructions to be fixed, it wasn’t the same a photographing aerial photographs over Bora Bora.


When I show people pictures like the whale leaping by the expedition boat they look at me and say ‘Wow!’ They wished they could go there and see that. That photo was taken at Cabo St. Lucas in Mexico. It is a great place for a holiday and has a beautiful place called Lover’s island nearby. It is when I look at imagery like this I realise how extraordinary life has been and will be again. As much as I would have liked to have followed the family route, I think the adventurer in me has other plans. I received an email today that confirms that I definitely have the opportunity for my next adventure. Of course with that there is a cut in income. What would you choose? The way I see it is that this is life… Life is for living… I can always go back to desks and problem solving yet don’t you think that life is more exciting when you travel? What would you do?




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