I am very lucky because I have a friend who is quite brilliant. This friend managed to simply accumulate wealth. She does not have to try… Money quite literally gravitates to her. It is amazing. The thing is, because she is removed from the wasted mental energy needed to pay bills and make ends meet, she provides some fantastic insights. Last night’s insight was about why we do things. What is our motivation? How does that motivation change as we mature?

Admittedly we have both matured in the last ten years. The way we approach things have changed dramatically. She has watched my writing journey with amusement. In the beginning there were heady ideals and great aspirations which gradually whittled away to become the purity of creation. My delusional ideals were quite hilarious now when I look back; however, they are what drove me to write daily. They motivated me to create discipline and conquer the inner critic, the inner saboteur and the deluded grandiose egotism that demanded that I prove to the world that I was special. I  wrote anonymously because I had no desire to be known. That was quite a reverse of the dream of standing in the spotlight! Then I came to the conclusion that I had overcome the ego and that I was hiding. What I really needed to do was ‘suck it up princess’ and stand by what I created.

On my journey I realised that I knew less than I thought, that ego was a dick and that actually the outcome is nothing in comparison to the beauty of being immersed in creativity. For me creativity is like being suspended in this beautiful light space where everything is possible. It is a space filled with magic, dreams, laughter and manifestation. I love it there. It has fairies, mythological creatures and all manner of hero waiting to take part in adventures. All the pieces of the puzzle are suspended in all directions and it my job to waft around the creative realm pulling all the pieces together into an adventurous narrative.

Over the years I must have written about forty books. Not bad going. I think about twelve are on the market, the thing is I actually stopped caring about the market, the acclaim or money. I have a job that enables me to travel and experience, which takes the pressure off the writing. The funny thing is when you stop caring about money or acclaim they come to you… What I have learned is there is a sense of privilege in being able to provide entertainment for others. There is a great feeling of gratitude in being given a creative idea that can run to completion and more than anything there is the true love of dreaming and imagining.

My friend then, in her own special way, pointed out creativity and writing was the opportunity to ‘give’ something of you to the world. That creativity is between you and your maker; however, once made you can share your creation with the world. That is why I publish the work – to share and to come to completion. Another great learning is that no one owes you anything, no one needs to read your work and no one owes you an income from what you create… This then leads people to the question then why create at all? THE ANSWER IS JOY AND THAT YOU ARE COMPELLED TO CREATE. Creativity has picked you to be the vessel to transmute an idea into reality. Isn’t that a privilege?

This goes back to my friend and her insight: she arrived at a point in her life where she no longer needed to toil. Simplicity became the answer. She came to the conclusion after numerous successes that they meant nothing. The mastery came from finding beauty in the mundane and when you master that then what do you need? It is funny how we both arrived at the same conclusion from very different paths. I was always competitive and taking part in sports competitions whilst writing books and climbing the career ladder. At the same time she set up businesses, developed property and had a family. Two very different paths but one conclusion – the joy is truly in the journey and learning to be authentic. By taking such paths we are open to learn who we truly are. At first we may aspire to be something or to have something. Yet the journey reveals to us all the facets of self. During the journey we discover new pieces of the puzzle which can be slotted into the spaces that needed to be filled. During the journey we see our shadows and conquer our own dragons in search of the treasure. However, we are the treasure and yet we have looked outside for that validation. So with all that in mind, my approach is WRITE. CREATE. RELEASE. The thing is now my books sell under my real name and actually what matters is how much I loved writing those beauties.  People ask me about the money side of things – that is no longer the motivation – it is nice; however, the royalties become the by-product of the joy I felt in the creation. The value for me now is in creativity because ultimately money is a piece of paper with a stranger’s face on that is used for exchange. Money is not the motivation the experience is and that is when things truly changed… Of course when you don’t need something or feel like chasing it – well then it arrives!



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