Are you having a laugh?

Are you having a laugh?

Come on admit it: there is nothing like a good belly laugh or laughing until there are tears streaming from your eyes and you can hardly breathe. In fact laughing hysterically is one of my favourite things and I indulge in it regularly. That is why I returned to writing children’s books because I can step into a world of wonder, where the most ridiculous scenarios have me shaking with laughter or force me to take a stroll around the room to get myself back in order. The thing is laughter is infectious. It lifts our energy and even on a cell level contributes to our health. So why aren’t we laughing more? Or laughing as much as possible?


There was a time when I was working for a large corporation and the head of the department, who appeared as though he had a smell under his nose, passed by while I was shaking with laughter. He paused by my desk and asked whether I was actually laughing. I replied that I was. He seemed bemused, as if he had not witnessed laughter in a long time.  Later that day I was called into an office and advised by my manger that I was to limit my conversation to ‘Good Morning and Good Night’ and certainly no laughter shenanigans. I asked him whether he realised that a happy team was a highly productive team. He avoided answering. I also questioned him – I said since people spend a huge amount of time at work – did they expect them to be robots? His response was ‘yes they wanted robots.’ They wanted the ‘robots’ to produce. Needless to say, I handed in my resignation. Within three months ninety percent of team left because the atmosphere had died and people did not want to spend their days doing a mundane job in misery. The remaining ten percent happened to be one person – the manager.

Africa Yawning Cheetahjpeghearts

As the complete opposite to the above, my great friend is a laughter therapist and laughter yoga teacher. She uses laughter to break down internal barriers. She has developed quite a reputation and recently was asked to hold a speech for the police. So guess what she did? She got a huge hall of police people to laugh like the laughing policeman until everyone was shaking with laughter. The atmosphere in the room was so energised that everything she said was inspired. The room was united in laughter and each and every police officer who attended that talk left with such a positive experience that they would attend again.  The thing is laughter unites people and makes them more open. Don’t you gravitate to the person who is filled with laughter instead of the one who stands like a black-hole filled with doom?


With all the above in mind, I have taken some time out from writing my intensively researched books to having a bit of fun with some children’s books. Some of my colleagues at work asked me to put something together that would appeal to their children. So I came up with The Hairy-Legged Mystery under my pen name, Ruby Allure which was quickly turned into audio. Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate, provided me with moments of shaking hilarity. Both of these books were written for personal entertainment and friends. I had not expected to be put out into the wider market. Instead I wrote them with the intention to create something that made me laugh out loud at the desk and would be fun for my friends to read to their children. I admit, I do do some rather bizarre things and crying at the desk could be considered one of them. The way that I see it is that I write for sheer enjoyment and creativity – that enjoyment involves belly laughter, general tears of laughter at the desk and titles like a ‘cucumber catastrophy.’

MD114 Antarctica Penguins Jump 2 Michelle Dry

What I have realised through creating these books is that laughter is precious. Laughter lifts our spirits and illuminates our souls. The question ‘are you having a laugh?’ made me consider how can I bring more laughter to the world? There is so much doom and gloom around and endless fear being perpetuated that I came to the conclusion we need more laughter. Obviously the answer is not pointing at people and laughing because that would be unfair. That one thought actually was the catalyst for the current children’s book I am writing. I am not going to give details because it is not complete yet.  It does involved giggling, laughter and a mammoth fart (read that how you like). The thing is the world needs more laughter because it positively unites people. So my question is not only are you have a laugh but how do we encourage more laughter to lift our energy? If you have any answers that would be wonderful!!!




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