If something does not work change it.

Stop repeating patterns that do not work.

There are alternatives.

Why waste energy blaming when responsible acceptance will shift and transform negative into positive?

Researching caused me to delve into the depths. I searched for alternatives and noticed the lack of general responsibility. Of course fingers were pointed and blame was passed but nothing would change until the fragments of society united. Everyone was responsible because everyone’s expenditure contributed to the system. What’s more, the endless holding and hoarding of cash caused disruption. Money was the financial system’s blood which circulated like the tide – an ebb followed by flow. The people did not see the big picture because they were in the system so therefore could not witness the system from the objective perspective. You place a person in a human sized box and close the lid then ask them what is outside the box…. how do they know?

I lost sleep over the fact that the united social potential hanging in ether remained unimagined. Instead, society protested against the structure it existed within. Without any action towards an entirely new system, nothing could change. One can never achieve an undefined goal. Abstract cannot manifest in reality without a catalyst for existence. The destructive cycle continued and individuals remained trapped in their illusionary financial bubbles. People worked against each other rather than together. The promise of a better future kept the masses marching. However change had to begin now to enable the future to flourish. That meant each individual had to take responsibility for their contribution to the system and take action. These thoughts were what I had become. They were all part of my vision. I realised that something in me needed to take action and make global change. Yet how could one small person change a world caught in the financial illusion?

After that meeting I trudged home in the rain and glanced at my reflection in the puddles beneath my feet. My deflation contradicted my strong but rounded physique and my long brown wavy hair stuck to my rain-blasted face. My navy woolen dress, tights and long brown boots embodied my academic identity on a frigid afternoon in March. I fitted the academic mould – intelligence, knitwear and a decorative brooch. Who was I without the institution? My hopes of life-long acquisition of knowledge deteriorated. Three simple sentences on a given day had unexpectedly destroyed a person’s life. Rage brewed in my stomach and anger became my fuel – in the depths of that feeling I resolved to understand the details of the system, focus on its weaknesses, discover the strengths and break it. In the pit of my being, I felt I had the capacity to be a catalyst for massive change. Knowledge was my power, writing my skill and providing the individual with the opportunity to be the best they could be was my motivation. The etheric system had already anticipated my intentions. It was ready for me. M.O.N.E.Y. was aware of my research and intended to welcome me with open, financial arms. Of course they had to wait until my defenses were down, my pride had perished and I was ready to accept their conditions. There was a different way, I had to be part of it to understand it to enable the world to know. Financial prosperity for one and all was my dream where everyone contributed because they felt valued and safe. What a dream!







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