It’s been quite a ride


When people ask me ‘what do you see yourself doing in five years?’ my answer is ‘I haven’t a clue.’ Of course I could provide a generic answer to satisfy them but that is not me. The reason that I can no longer answer this question is that this time last year I was made redundant. A series of events resulted in working as a Communications Manager and circumnavigating the world. I travelled to Bora Bora, Japan and Korea to name but a few. Only a couple of months before I would have been communting to work and working as a business analyst. I was quite happy doing that because I like the puzzle solving aspect of the role. Of course I had no clue that I would be in rather random places on the other side of the world. Lucky me.


The thing is why does it matter where we see ourselves in five years? I will be honest, I have spent years achieving goals only to create more. In the end goals get boring, well that is how I feel. We are fed so many ideals of what will happen when we achieve goals and I have never ever experienced any of the false promises. The truth and the cliche is that the journey on a daily basis is the most important part: the aspects of life that stretch you and reveal your endurance capacity. While travelling I have experienced many of my extremes and I have been reflective on my learning. I have realised the simple things in life are the best: friends, home, fun, tasty food and a very comfortable bed. When it comes to writing books, my perspective has even shifted there. It really is the pleasure of the creation that has become the joy. It is nice that the books sell but once the creation is complete then you have to let that little book beauty fend for itself in the world. No more tweaking or hanging out with fun little characters… They have their own adventures ahead of them…


The reason I mention this is because many of the people I have encountered, who have followed my travels are of the belief that I have had an easy time wafting about the world. When you work seventy hours a week for over a hundred or a hundred and seventy days in a row, without a day off, then the travel experience is filtered through a fog of exhaustion. The thing is you don’t want to miss out on the experience of a place, especially if you are only going there once, in exchange for a few hours sleep. I have realised that in the future I desire simplicity. Of course we all need a bit of novelty and adventure, yet living the rollercoaster life has not satisfied. It has highlighted all that I love about where I live and all the wonderful qualities of my friends. Of course I am grateful for the experiences and the learnings from the most wonderful places in the world. In fact, I have so much inspiration for my books that I hardly know where to start… So with that in mind, it has certainly been an experience. In the meantime, I intend to enjoy Iceland, Scotland and Norway – the perfect places to hear about myths, legends and fairy tales… Then I will look forward to a nice rest. I may even become a dormant duvet lurker…

MD 144 New Zealand Mlford sound mist on water Michelle Dry72jpeghearts

Other than that, I am looking forward to releasing Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs (with illustrations this time) to be quickly followed by Tingle Dingle and The Treasure Tree… So exciting… I honestly just love writing these little books. They are just such fun to create and now my dad is illustrating them for fun too… Honestly… I never thought my dad would illustrate my children’s books…  Here are a few examples…


Treasure tree cover Untitled_Artworkv2

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