WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 1

Hello everyone,

I will be posting the first ten chapters of Wyld over the next ten weeks. I hope it will inspire and engage you all. Please share with your friends:)



One Mammoth Adventure!


 Michelle Dry

 For my lovely dad who spent years fascinated by mammoths.

For my cheeky mother who rolled her eyes whenever he mentioned the hairy creatures.

For my brother who watched many a slideshow on the subject with me.

It was never a waste of time.


The Evidence 

Dear friend,

If you are reading this now, then something must have gone horribly wrong with this weird experiment. I can’t believe ‘they’ would dare to breed such dangerous animals. Now, if I was reading this then I would wonder what on earth was going on… Who was telling me this? The truth is it doesn’t matter, nor does why I’m involved. The key here is: I decided to share this with you. This letter is my security. Other kids out there should know that something like this is going on – just so it doesn’t happen to them. What I will say is: if you manage to get hold of this, then do your best to keep it from the prying eyes of adults.

            Right come closer. Can you believe there are cameras everywhere? I think I even saw a microphone in a plant. Why put a microphone in a plant? Oh this place is just too weird! Now you understand why I have to disclose these crazy goings on. You see, all three families out here have all been sworn to secrecy. That is why I need to trust you.

            Okay, so the truth is this: I just turned twelve. My mum and dad are scientists of Mammology (that is a study of mammals). Oh and my sister is fourteen – she is nuts! She wears black lipstick and black and white striped socks! What makes it stranger is that we are all living in a cave! This isn’t your normal cave though because it is decked out in super-modern furniture and special survival materials. It reminds me of one of those cool magazines or shows about houses that you see on television. This cave is hidden somewhere really remote, where no-one can find us. There have never been other humans out here because there are no signs of civilization: no buildings, no schools, dustbins or fast food places… Nothing. The whole family has been sent out here because my mum and dad were asked to make a study of the ‘creatures’.  There are two other families here. Kane, the angry bossy bearded bloke, and his family are Scandinavian and made up of Kane, Beverly, Brett and Jess. The other family are Polynesian, Ben and Angela are the mum and dad and then there is Rick and Beth. They have interesting tribal markings, huge hair and friendly smiles. I like them a bit more.

From where I am sitting I can see out of the window. There are vast forests growing at an accelerated rate. Every time I look out of the window the forest seems to have crept closer. Past the forest, grasslands stretch for hundreds of miles and we are surrounded on all sides by volcanoes, mountains and glaciers.

            Yesterday, on the way here, I studied some maps. I followed the course of our flight and worked out the time. According to my calculations this place does not exist! Weird don’t you think? When I asked my dad, he said it was a kind of no-man’s land. What does that mean? When I asked more he avoided answering… that means he doesn’t know either. Also from what I can gather, it seems there is one way in and one way out: by air. That means we are kind of trapped. I wonder if I have accidentally been locked in some kind of wilderness prison.

            Anyway, an hour after we arrived, we were briefed. The expedition leader, who is a big mouth with a beard (I don’t like him at all!) told us that there are apparently animals here that haven’t walked the earth for over a million years. They are not like dinosaurs, but more the sabre-tooth tigers and half-bird reptiles. He told us the whole experiment was confined to this volcanic valley because it would have been the beasts’ natural habitat. I don’t know whether I believe it, but one thing is for sure I always feel like I am constantly being watched. Oh and something else bothered me: the way we arrived didn’t make sense. We flew the majority of the journey by helicopter, at night. From the window all I could see was darkness. If there had been roads then surely there would have been lights? I don’t reckon there are any roads because this place isn’t a place your average human would choose to come to. When I ask no-one will answer me straight. I wonder what my parents have us involved in. One thing is for certain I’m going to wait until everyone is occupied, then I think I might just take a little look. No-one will know but you.

If you are wondering why I wrote this down, well there has to be some evidence… What if something goes wrong? What if a wild creature gets me? Oh why???? I can’t believe I’m involved in this… This place is an accident waiting to happen! But what would I know? I’m only twelve… Who really listens to a kid? Especially when that kid is called Wyld?

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