WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 2

Hello everyone,

I will be posting the first ten chapters of Wyld over the next ten weeks. I hope it will inspire and engage you all. Please share with your friends:)


Wyld put his pen down, folded his paper and stuck it in his back pocket. He chewed his lip thoughtfully as he considered his next actions. How much trouble could he get himself in? It couldn’t be that much of a problem, he only planned to sneak out for a short while. Plus if he slipped out at the right time then no-one would notice. He would have a little look around and be back before anyone could say a thing. Yes, he knew he was going against everything he had been told, but sometimes the desire to explore was greater than being well behaved.

            He paced about and scraped his floppy, curly hair out of his eyes. If there were creatures out there they wouldn’t bother eating him because he was skinny. He would be like a human toothpick. Yes, he was strong but a bean pole looked bloated next to him. As he traipsed across the room, he thought back to the first meeting. The final message in the brief was: ‘don’t go anywhere by yourself. There are wild animals out there and they are real. When I say real it means they can eat you. Do you understand and do I make myself clear?’ The expedition leader had picked him out of the group when he spoke. Wyld hated being told what to do, especially by big men with beards whose breath that smelled like old tea. The team leader was a great husk of a man, but why listen to a man you instantly didn’t like? He had one of those ‘bossy’ atmospheres. Any man who used facial hair to hide behind had to be a bit strange. What made it worse was that his moustache was wonkily waxed and one tuft pointed upwards while the other pointed down.

At the time Wyld nodded to what the beardy bloke had said, but in his heart he never intended to follow the rules. Rules were broken that was why they were made, but was that still true if your life could end up in danger? With a shake of the head, and the argument churning around his mind, he tried to think rationally. Wild animals from over a millions years ago? Wyld still didn’t believe it, he hadn’t seen anything ‘wild’ since he arrived, but maybe that was because he hadn’t been allowed to explore or leave the cave complex. With a huff he trudged over to the window and gazed out of the thickened glass. In the distance there were shapes, but they were the kind of shapes you couldn’t work out. They could have been boulders or they could have been animals. He listen intently and couldn’t hear anything from out there. With a frown, he studied the windows, why would they thicken the glass?

            That awkward shuffle of boredom combined with an endless waiting made his neck itch. The cave complex felt weird because it was all so modern with metal everything and brightly coloured patches of material decorating the cave walls. If you didn’t know it was a cave you probably would have thought you were in the interior of an ultra-modern house.

Silently Wyld lurked by the door. He could see his parents and the other adults hovering by the meeting room. He just wanted them to go in; that way he could do what he needed to do. He gnawed at a torn nail. The more he waited the more impatient he became. And when he felt like that it made his head itch too. Why did he feel so trapped? A kid was designed to explore and that was it! He glanced at his watch, there were two more minutes until the meeting room door closed. Once the door was shut, the adults were nicely confined in yet another stuffy, scientific meeting. That would be it – he would definitely take his chance. 

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