WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 3

Hello everyone,

I will be posting the first ten chapters of Wyld over the next ten weeks. I hope it will inspire and engage you all. Please share with your friends:)


            Back in the family quarters, Wyld considered what he needed. He stood in the section that was ‘his’ area. That area faced onto the living quarters and could be closed off by pressing a button that triggered a wall to rotate and surround it. During the day all the areas remained open to make the living quarters feel more spacious. At night they were sealed off. With a definite rummage, Wyld assembled his different survival things. He had heard from his survival idol that those who travel furthest travelled the lightest and they needed to be ready for all eventuality. To be ready his basic survival equipment had to be set up. Amongst his clothes he pulled out a pack containing his trusty swiss-army knife, water filter and flask (with detachable can), gloves, survival guide, fire-stick, fold away titanium stove and catapult. He glanced at his super-light tent and space material sleeping bag. Would he need those? He did not intend to be gone that long. Just long enough to see if what the adults had said was true.


With a sudden jolt, Wyld’s concentration was broken. Sylvia, his older sister, arrived at that crucial moment and stomped into the living area like she owned it. After a few exaggerated loud huffs, Sylvia spun on her heel and plonked down on an earthy coloured sofa and stared at the ends of her long, dark hair.

            ‘What are you doing?’ Sylvia eyed him suspiciously.

            ‘Unpacking,’ replied Wyld, in his most ‘normal’ voice.

Her eyes narrowed, she knew what he was up to. ‘You’re going outside aren’t you?’

Wyld shook his head and avoided making eye contact. He wasn’t interested in games or the way she carried on. In the last two years Sylvia had gone all weird, she had been pierced, wore far too much black make-up and spent half of her life staring into space. The other half she spent listening to dark, miserable, shouty music.

Sylvia smiled, crossed her arms and leant into the sofa. Her eyes turned from curious to vindictive as she watched, ‘I’m going to tell dad you’re running away.’

Her mocking tone irked him and made Wyld fold his arms. ‘Shut up Sylvia! I’m just going to go for a quick look.’

            ‘Ah… so you are leaving the cave complex then? You’ve been told…’ She smirked.

            ‘No. I’m just going to have a look out of the door,’ said Wyld defensively. He continued to pack and carefully folded his super-light thermal jacket. He paused and glanced at his phone. Why did he need that if there was no signal in the remote place? He studied it, there were survival apps and plant identifiers on it. Maybe he could take some pictures.

            ‘Then why do you need a catapult and a pen knife?’ She said interrupting his thoughts. ‘I caught you didn’t I?’ She shuffled along the sofa to take a closer look.

            ‘No Sylvia you didn’t,’ said Wyld pushing her away.

Sylvia swiped his arm away and stared at him in a way he knew meant trouble.

            ‘Well if you are just going to look out of the door then I’m coming with you.’ She demanded.

            ‘No you’re not! I’m going to climb trees and get really muddy. I know you don’t like that kind of stuff.’ Wyld pushed her arm away and continued packing.

            ‘That is not just a look out of the door Wyld,’ said Sylvia huffing. ‘You’re such a liar!’

            ‘And you’re such a wombat! Plus you can’t stand getting dirty!’ he stuffed some thermal layers in his pack.

As much as Sylvia didn’t like to admit it, her little brother was right. She didn’t like getting messy and stinky, but she also didn’t like sitting in a cave staring at the walls for hours on end. Boredom always caused trouble!

            Wyld didn’t give her time to think, he took his opportunity, grabbed his rucksack and scarpered towards the entrance. Once by the main door he stood for a moment torn between whether he should be good or explore. He knew what the answer was. For a moment he hesitated, the door between him and the outside world was a large, carved, wooden door with a thick bolt and re-enforced glass. That was suspicious too: it had been designed to keep something very strong out. He stood on tiptoes and carefully peered through the window, to his surprise there was nothing wild standing outside waiting to attack. There were a few frozen patches of snow and the outside seemed chilly, but that wasn’t so bad was it?

             With a look of rebellion he put his rucksack on his back, carefully unlocked the door and peered through the gap. He half expected an alarm to go off or something, but it didn’t. Outside the door the area was grassy and crunched with smatterings of frozen snow. That snow was undisturbed and some five hundred meters away was the beginning of the forest.

            ‘You wouldn’t dare!’ said Sylvia stomping after him.

            ‘Watch me!’ said Wyld opening the door wide. Once the door was open he glanced about; it wasn’t so bad. There were still no really wild creatures fighting for his attention. Wyld sighed and took a breath of icy air. He was just going to have a little explore, then he would come back and no-one would know (apart from Sylvia). There was no harm in that was there? Sylvia stood watching him curiously, ‘I’m going to tell mum and dad.’

            ‘Well I am going to tell dad you smoke.’ Wyld’s annoying little brother smugness filled the air.

            ‘But I don’t smoke.’ Syliva snarled.

            ‘Yeh, but how will you prove it?’ He had her.

Sylvia’s eyes flashed with anger, ‘you dare Wyld!’

Wyld smiled in a way that a little brother could tell a sister to leave him alone, ‘I will only be gone a short time. Don’t tell, otherwise I am going to say I saw you snogging a seventeen year old. Then I’m going to say I saw you drunk and then I am going to say… that you had your nipple pierced… Then I am going to say… You…You had a tattoo on your…’

            ‘I hate you! I hope those animals get you and eat you… I mean it I hope they do! I hope they bite you and shred you to pieces you annoying little twerp! You go out there and see what happens… You have been warned for a reason. If it all goes wrong then don’t expect me to help. I’m just going to sit and laugh and say you did it to yourself. Now have a nice time you little turd!’ With that she shoved him and slammed the door shut.

Wyld stumbled forwards, fell to his knees and then gathered himself. After he brushed himself down, he turned and stuck his tongue out at Sylvia. She stood glaring through the window and then bolted the door shut. From behind the enforced glass she watched Wyld stand alone in ‘the valley.’ She shook her head angrily at him and glared. Wyld knew what she was thinking: if he dared to make up any stuff and tell their parents then he would be for it. He didn’t care, he knew Sylvia was going to be careful, with that sense of power he waved and gave a smug little grin… He was going to explore and Sylvia couldn’t stop him.

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