WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 5

Hello everyone,

I will be posting the first ten chapters of Wyld over the next ten weeks. I hope it will inspire and engage you all. Please share with your friends:)


             The mammoth went rigid and made a fearful eye contact with Wyld.

‘What?’ he whispered. Wyld had no idea what was going on, but that burning sensation in the middle of his back was grew increasingly intense. With a sudden motion he turned. Something dark and solid darted through the bushes. At the same time the baby mammoth made that low rumbling sound, like he was calling for help again. This time the sound was more urgent. Wyld carefully but quietly stepped back towards the ball of fluff. To his right he heard a branch snap. He scanned the area for the source of the sound. There was definitely a sturdy creature stalking them. The pair had to get out of there, they were in the open and were easy prey. He tried to shift the ball of fluff, but the mammoth had already frozen fearfully to the spot. Just behind them that same stealthy creature tore through the undergrowth. Wyld stepped back, there was another movement and now he could feel penetrating eyes upon him. His breath quickened and his heart pounded. The mammoth whimpered and from nearby there was a deep raucous growl.

            Another elegant movement from behind the boulders revealed the creature’s intention. The creature prepared, as if calculating. Wyld remained pressed against the baby mammoth and both panted at the same rate. He could feel the pounding of baby’s heart. Whatever was hunting him was ready. That shape was large and powerful. Trembling, Wyld’s mouth turned dry. He considered his options: he couldn’t out run it and he wasn’t large enough to fight.

            There was a final quick motion, the predator was in close proximity. It bounded towards them and launched itself onto a large rock in front of them. The mammoth froze, Wyld froze, but the sabre-tooth tiger eyed his prey with delight. Wyld was a simple but easily captured snack. He was the fast food of the prehistoric animal world. How could he outwit an ancient predator?




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