Litte Travel Insights – Life at Sea

Life at sea is intense. Sometimes you feel as though you live ten lives in one. One moment you are having lunch with guests, the next you are up a mountain or swimming in a beautiful pool in a luxury resort. On the opposite side of that you can be pulled from your bed because you are involved in a helicopter evacuation.  On shore you could be deployed to calm guests when the tender boats are delayed due to a sudden weather change. Talking of weather… There are days when the weather is blissful and the sea is calm. Then there are the storms where you are shaken like you are in the most intensive earthquake. Some nights you learn to levitate and others you find yourself thrown into a reverse headstand! Within all of that going on you still have to work because life at sea is seven days a week at least nine hours a day for months and months in a row without a day off. Yet, for some reason, we keep going back! I call it seamadness. The thing is life at sea is an adventure and reveals your capacity for endurance and resilience. Bring it on!


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