WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 8

Hello everyone,

I will be posting the first ten chapters of Wyld over the next ten weeks. I hope it will inspire and engage you all. Please share with your friends:)



Back in the cave there was all manner of argument erupting.

            ‘I think you need to learn to control your children,’ said Kane in a strong Nordic accent. His commanding tone shouted down anyone who challenged him. Something in his eyes wasn’t right, he was dangerous. He was always staring, looking this way and that.

‘Yes he has done wrong, but can you blame him? It was never explained that we would come up here and imprison our children. Children are naturally curious!’ Sue’s defensive tone cut the awkward silence.

            ‘Well most Scientist’s children would be interested in the same subjects and would be assisting their parents in the study.’ Kane was having none of it.

            ‘You mean they are dull! We want our children to form their own personalities and not become clones of us. Anyway the more time we discuss this, the more time our child is in danger.’ Sue was curt, she was not getting into the Nordic Nasty’s game.

Kane strutted heavily about, ‘did you see the direction he headed in?’

            ‘No we were in the meeting with you…remember?’ Sue fought her sarcasm.

            ‘Then how do we track him if we have nowhere to start?’ Kane paused thoughtfully.

            ‘I thought we could use the helicopter.’ Sue scraped the hair behind her ear.

            ‘And what if he has gone deep into the forest?’ He replied.

Dan glanced at his wife and held her shoulder, ‘maybe we should divide into two groups. Sue can fly the helicopter and we can search the forest.’

            ‘Good idea,’ said Sue noticing her daughter listening intently to the conversation.

Sylvia leant against the wall watching the adults go through their normal adult routine. They would discuss things until it was too late.

‘I don’t reckon you lot can organise a fart in the bath,’ said Sylvia bluntly and chewed her gum particularly loudly.

The group of adults glared at the precocious girl.

                        ‘Although, if I was going to do this myself, which is something I might add I would not do, I might possibly follow his tracks… It’s frozen outside and the grass would be pressed under his weight. Or what you could do instead is spend ages making a strategy involving all the adult rubbish that goes with it, like egos… But since my opinion doesn’t count… It is just a suggestion.’ she maintained her arms crossed position. She then blew a bubble which made a loud pop. ‘Oh and did anyone even think to look outside the door. There is a clear track going straight to the forest. I just thought that I would state the obvious for you all because it seems that once you get past the age of sixteen everything has to be complex.’

            ‘Thank you Sylvia, we will consider what you have said,’ Dan said through gritted teeth. Her attitude made him bristle.

            ‘Welcome,’ said Sylvia frowning at a chip on her black nail varnish.

Sue glanced at her husband, Sylvia had taken charge.

‘Right we are going to go the woods. Sylvia you will stay here and watch the CCTV footage and relay your findings back to us.’ Dan watched her reaction, she was concealing her concern for her brother.

            ‘Well as much as I would like to watch proper T.V. that is not the kind that interests me. So I will have to turn down your kind offer ’cause I’m not interested. Anyway I’m going to go and stare at the wall then smash my head against it.’ She walked off with a strutty-hip wiggle and paused. A young guy emerged from another part of the cave. He looked like an extreme sports type with sun streaked blonde hair and a naturally athletic physique. She studied him and huffed. ‘Okay then… if I help then I need an assistant,’ she said pointing to the guy who had just emerged.

            ‘Brett are you willing to help Sylvia here scan all the camera footage?’ Kane asked.

            ‘I would rather be out there in the forest with you,’ he replied honestly.

‘Wouldn’t we all?’ said Sylvia rolling her eyes. ‘Maybe by being able to see what is out there from here you might be more help. Although I am sure you will make a tasty snack for one of the beasts.’ she said in a self-amused tone.

            ‘Sylvia!’ Sue cried.

            She smirked to herself and studied Brett for vulnerabilities.

Brett responded with an expression of confusion. The girl before him was clearly rebellious and those stripy knee-high black and white socks were a little out of place in the wilderness. He glanced her up and down and guessed that under all the baggy black clothing she was naturally athletic.

            ‘What are you staring at?’ Demanded Sylvia blushing heavily.

Brett said nothing, instead he turned his head towards the six adults. ‘So what are we going to use to protect us against the creatures?

            ‘We only have tranquillisers. We can’t go round killing these animals because they are worth millions.’ Kane replied in a matter of fact tone.

            ‘What even if they intend to kill us?’ asked Sylvia incredulously.

            ‘They won’t get close enough to kill us… the tranquilisers will take them down. We can’t kill them because it has taken years to breed and raise them. If we kill a single one it could alter the perfect balance that has been created.’

            ‘What so drugging them up with tranquillisers won’t do anything to them?’ said Sylvia sarcastically. She rolled her eyes, ‘right then, I’m going with the search party. I can’t trust you lot to find my brother. The other kids here can look at the screens.’

Sue was about to object, but Dan nodded and sighed, he wanted Sylvia with him. He would rather have his daughter where he could see her, rather than leaving her to reap havoc while the adults were away. Brett glanced at the fellow teenager, ‘surely she will hinder us.’

            ‘What because I’m a girl? What because I am considered lesser than you? Brett is it? When it comes down to it I will show you how I can out-run you and out-climb you. So don’t think that by me being a girl will slow the big manly group. Or should I get myself a beard to hide behind?’ Sylvia turned angrily to her parents and made a series of hand signals. Dan and Sue understood Sylvia was aggravated and she was better at expressing her feelings that way than verbally. It was something they had developed when she was a small child and was something her family line used to communicate amongst themselves when they wished to have private conversations.

Dan nodded and made a few gestures back. Finally Dan turned to Brett. ‘Brett, looks can be deceiving with this one. She is coming with us.’

            Kane stepped forwards and was about to dismiss Sylvia but something stopped him. His body made a sudden jolt and he unconsciously pressed his ear and sighed. Sue watched Kane as he glanced at his wife, Beverly. Something about his response change was out of sorts. Were they plotting something? ‘Okay we can allow Sylvia to go with you Dan but since there are three families here we should utilise all of our different skills. Okay… If Sue goes with Beverly in the helicopter. Dan, Brett, Sylvia and I will go on foot through the forest and that leaves Ben and Angela, Jess, Rick and Beth. The kids should stay here and look after the cave. They can relay any news we have to the other teams if the radios happen to go out of range. Now Ben and Angela, you take the four by four. That way we have everything covered. The kids can stay here and scan the screens and report their findings.’

            ‘How come she gets to go?’ asked Rick, gesturing at Sylvia. His curly gravity defying hair had caught Sylvia’s attention. He had a natural ‘coolness’ about him and looked like his mum Angela. He was strong and thoughtful yet serious looking.

            ‘Because I asked… First come first served… What’s yer name? Dick I mean Rick,’ said Sylvia with a smirk. Beth and Jess stood by the door and glanced at each other with amusement. They were not going to be drawn in. Sylvia glanced over at Rick and noticed his reaction. She smiled a cheeky smile, glanced at Rick and blushed.

Rick purposely ignored her but Sue picked up on it. Sylvia acted strangely around Rick but she was also blushing. Rick huffed, ‘I’d rather stay in the safety of the cave than go out there.’

            ‘Wet fart!’ said Sylvia flatly. She admired his naturally cool stance and rebellious hair.

            ‘Sylvia, this is serious!’ Dan scowled at his daughter.

Sylvia rolled her eyes and yawned theatrically. ‘So shall we do something or are we going to fanny around here all day? Wyld could be a human burger by now.’

            Sue glared at her daughter. There was an awkward silence amongst the group: Wyld may already be dead. Rick eyed Sylvia, she was certainly astute and whether the others had noticed or not she had already put the search party in order.

            ‘Right then… back here in ten minutes and then we’ll move,’ said Kane in a commanding tone.

Sue glanced at Sylvia and gave a hopeful nod. She sensed her daughter intended to be the one to find Wyld. As much as she pretended to hate her brother, she wasn’t going to let him die.





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