Uncertainty and its potential

Who here likes uncertainty? Well in recent times I have met a number of people who embrace uncertainty. The actually like it. When I say like it, well it actually excites them. I know… Weird eh? When asked what they liked about uncertainty their answers were relatively similar. They all liked the fact there were numerous potentialities, nothing was set in stone. There was the potential to move beyond rigid constructs to evolve and restructure. In uncertainty there was opportunity, one looks at things in a different way and finds alternative solutions. One  of the uncertainty optimists I talked to said ‘isn’t that what China did? Wasn’t that how China became a leading financial power? Their whole country and state was thrown into chaos filled with uncertainty and entrepreneurs stepped up and used it as opportunity.’ Personally I liked that attitude.


For me uncertainty always felt unsafe. My desire to feel safe against all the odds never really features in the ‘appearance’ of my life, yet my intrinsic desire to be safe, to know what I am doing, to know where my money is coming from often drives my choices. What if that perception changed? What if uncertainty was truly opportunity. What would you do with that opportunity? If nothing in your life was definite or certain what actions would you take? What if everything was potential and there were no limitations with finance or all those wonderful ‘shoulds’ that we adhere to? What would you do in uncertainty if there were no negative repercussions? I know that is a big question. Sometimes we have to ask these questions because they alter the direction of our lives.


With that in mind, and in a state of contemplation, I intend to learn from those who embrace uncertainty and see what unfolds. Maybe this time in England is the perfect time to step up and make entrepreneurial changes. Those changes could have lasting positive repercussions. Maybe as one person takes the step to embrace uncertainty and transform it into a new and positive outcome then others will follow. That is when swarm theory gains momentum and change truly takes place. So my question today is what can I do to embrace uncertainty? How can the positve aspects of uncertainty inspire my next actions? How does that apply to you?


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