Okay… Okay… I have listened to your requests and since it is New Year I will post some of LOVE HUNT II – The LOVE Game. The reason I am posting from the second in the series is because it starts with New Year.

The synopsis is as follow:

Love Hunt II: The LOVE game – A Kiss & Email Romantic Comedy The LOVE HUNT has returned! Gracie is back on the dating horse after a huge fall in her first tick-list-tastic LOVE HUNT. Discover how her new dating adventures take her into the depths of ‘The Love game.’ In the meantime, Eva, the ultimate Russian gold-digger, has come to the conclusion that her poor ‘village idiot boyfriend’ will never be enough. He will certainly not pay off her accumulating debts. She needs a rich man and that means some seriously wealthy dating. In The LOVE Game Eva and Gracie travel the journey of extreme love learning. On the way they will discover their love and lust lists, their intrinsic issues and experience some hilarious albeit jaw-dropping dates in pursuit of the wealthy ideal.




Happy New Year Gracie!!! Welcome back to Winter Wonder England. Did you like my Russian play on words? How many glamorous blonde Russian women do you know who can play with English language and make brilliance with their sentence? I am not showing usual modesty because I am feeling very proud! You know I almost said welcome back to Winter Wonder Bra but that would involve up-lift with icicle hanging from nipple. Frozen bosom is not nice image for anyone. Erect nipples often cause embarrassment but large icicles sticking out would draw big attention. People would notice and do strange eye thing at each other. Of course some men would stop and stare – as if they need any excuse!


Now I have question – the word icicle… How does that work because you ice a cake don’t you? So would you ice a nipple too? It sounds similar does it not? Ici-nipple. I am just thinking out loud about strange English sayings. The English language is so fanny!


Anyway, I missed you while you were away. Poor liar boyfriend from rich idiot site has no money and asked me to lend him some to buy food. I can’t even pay bloody electricity bill. Choice boyfriend’s food or electricity?


Work was boring and there were no decent gossips. Women in office suffer from post-Christmas fattyness and bloated bottoms get stuck in chairs. One woman went to stand up and chair stayed firmly fixed on squidgy behind. When she sat down again there was loud – how you say – raspberry noise. No-one said anything. We all silently side-glanced as she tried to pretend nothing had happened. I thought such incident would make you raise a newly spa’d eyebrow!


Anyway, I want to know about Miami and if you made a new man tick list for this year. It is time for us to focus on finding you the right exciting man. As you say, let’s get the Rocky music on and have you back in the ring. Forget about Andreas and his stupid penis brain. You might have got knocked out in first round by him but you now know how he punches – with small dick. You know his game but he does not know yours. Oh I did small clap. I am joggling in my seat. That is new word combination that I think should be added to dictionary. Small jog with moving arms and wiggling on seat! Anyway, you can use your dating ‘game’ knowledge to your advantage and rise again (I looked up ‘dating game’ on web – provides very interesting stories).


Anyway, you know we need dating entertainment and analysis to get us through boring days. This time of year is when gyms are filled with squidgy shaking bottoms and everyone pretends to eat fruit but hide in toilet cubicles sneaking cake… So I need you here doing more dating disasters. We need to discuss analyse and learn new things about men, wealth and life! I can’t bear the bulbus bottom brigade (this is your saying – I wrote it down). I need a distraction. Oh what fun! La, la, laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


I made another small clap. Three grey-knicker women in office jumped at the sound. All three chairs went in air with their fat bottoms. This could be dangerous situation, we might need first aider and goose fat to get them out at home time! Horrible thought – applying goose fat to wobbly grey-knicker bottoms!








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