Striving – Why bother?



Since it is winter I have been thinking, contemplating and mulling over. Apparently it is the time of year for it. After reflecting on my previous year where I travelled and travelled and travelled some more through work I came to a few major conclusions. Pretty much every day I was somewhere new; however, the exchange was working ten hours a day seven days a week. It was during this time I learned about inner resilience and the capacity to endure. However, the opposite also rose up in consciousness – is it possible to achieve goals in a state of ease? How come some people can simply waft into a situation and end up with a dream job or experience without striving for it? At the same time there are the human dung beetles who strive and strive and strive and then strive some more and get nowhere.
In this time of reflection and realigning one’s self, I wondered why people strive. What is it that makes them push their limits and almost kill themselves in pursuit of a goal? What if that same goal could be attained easily and with a sustained and pleasurable journey? Why do we choose the striving and the running against walls? What is it we are trying to prove? Does it all come down to trying to feel worthy or the fact that the ego desires some kind of recognition for succeeding against all the odds?


After a little time mulling striving over, I came to the conclusion that I simply intend to enjoy life. Striving, for me, is a waste of time. Instead, I wish to take pleasure in my creations and see what happens with what I create. The joy is in creating, people forget that and force themselves to write, create or pursue. I think there is more fun in taking pleasure than forcing yourself to strive. As admirable as it is, it is often while we are busy striving that the opportunities to take the easier path are missed. Maybe there is a point to that. Maybe some people just like the struggle and the attention for their struggle. Who knows? I will never be able to step into another person’s shoes. Yet I have watched numerous friends attempt to prove themselves in creative fields and strangely it is when they relax and enjoy what they are doing that all the opportunities unfold. Is there something in that? Who knows? My personal conclusion is enjoy every moment and don’t waste good energy running against a wall. Find the easy way to achieve the same outcome.


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