This Desire for Adventure…

received_1627531410660998‘I don’t have a passport.’

‘What? ‘

‘I don’t have a passport?’

‘Was it stolen… or lost?’

‘No I never had one…’

A stunned silence filled the atmosphere like a bad smell no one wanted to admit to. The truth is my colleague is close to fifty and he has never been abroad. When I asked him why the answer was ‘I am content where I am.’

‘You can be content and travel.’

He seemed bemused by my response.

‘I always thought discontent people travelled because they weren’t satisfied with where they were.’

A thoughtful and bemused silence spanned the gap between our lives.

‘I am content because I have travelled. I know how great where I live is now…’

That one conversation shook my soul. It made me think about my life, how easy it is to travel and all that I have experienced because of travel. In truth adventure illuminates me. I experience, I grow and I record. Although not everyone has that same desire and I understand that. Some people like shopping, I hate it. Why buy a thing when you can pay for an international experience? Obviously we are not all cut from the same cloth. The thing is I am currently on an adventure and I love it. I thought about my colleague and his ‘stay safe attitude’. I am pleased he is content; however, life is an adventure and staying safe until death is pointless in my opinion because the only thing you take from life is you… so why not experience as much as you can while you can?










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