Hey Sakura Sakura – The beauty of Cherry Blossom

The Sekura are blooming in Japan as the celebration of the Spring emergency from winter takes place. The atmosphere around Tokyo is filled with hope as millions of people enjoy the beauty and abundance of cherry blossom. When I say millions of people enjoying the beauty, that is not an understatement. There are special police drafted in to direct the masses so that everyone can enjoy the bounty of nature as she emerges from the darkness of winter.


Such a celebration has stimulated me and during some of the experience I have felt the mass joy resonation as people photograph the blossom trees and appear triumpant, as if they gladly have survived another winter. The response to the blossom was overwhelming. To see literally millions of people celebratig something as simple as flowers decorting fruit trees was a phenomenon. Of course there is more to it than that… Nature has demonstrated again that she sticks to her seasons. By enduring a long winter we are rewarded with the beauty of those seeds and plants that have laid dormant bursting to life as the season changes. It is easy to forget that nature lays dormant behind the scenes until she is ready to emerge. Something about that series of thoughts stirred a deeper part of the self. Through winter we lay dormant and re-charge (if we follow our rhythms). I realised that celebrating the fact that Spring has arrived seems to be missed where I am from. Instead of joy and jubilation about the change of season, or excitement about blossom decorating the trees, there is more focus on what is happening in the most reccent soap opera. Why is that? How have so many become so removed?


Admittedly I was removed until I took a thirteen hour flight and stood among millions of people celebrating nature to notice what I did not clebrate at home. Isn’t that usually the way? So, with that in mind, in the future, when the clocks change, I will be having my own blossom festival. I will do a little celebratory blossom dance and maybe even go to the forest because I want to. I came to the conclusion that as civilisation progresses it seems to move further away from nature. All that technology does not connect us to the earth, to our roots. All that technology does for us is enable us to work faster and be consumed in busyness rather than connection to our source. I feel that this small blossom-tastic observation, experienced in a completely different culture, has provided an insight I did not expect. I realised that I desire more connection to the earth, to nature and to the ‘goddess.’ It took a journey across the world to remind me of the beauty of nature and her wonder. Thank you Japan. Thank you blossom. Thank you nature!



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