There are times when…

There are times when… you just have to say sod it, book a holiday and go on an adventure. There are times when you actually have to allow yourself to rest, chill out and not feel guilty for it. There are times when you need to work hard, accumulate cash and make progress. The thing is finding the balance. How do we find that balance now when life is so busy? Have you noticed how the mass are consumed in a psychosis where we are constantly striving to achieve and reach targets? If it isn’t a personal target, then it is a work’s target or a weight target. There is always something to occupy our minds to strive towards. Now my question is what would you do if you didn’t strive? Who are you striving for? What does all this striving do? Were you a dung beetle in a past life? Sometimes one has to allow themselves to chill out and enjoy a rest and ask the big question: what are we striving for? How about taking some time out from all the striving and work out whether you could simply flow with the river rather than row against it.

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You might wonder where all this has come from. Well, I have watched numerous people strive and strive and when they reached their goal what did they do? Well they didn’t feel the way they expected to. The imagined sense of achievement was short lived, so what did they do? Well they set themselves another goal to strive towards. The thing is… and this is where I will get deep… doesn’t the fact that a person is STRIVING give it away? Maybe that striving has become a habit. The things is, and this is what I noticed, when you simply enjoy doing something rather than forcing it, then something happens…. There is a flow and an ease – there is simply pleasure. What you are creating unfolds in an effortless way. The other alternative is mental constipation. Now I know it might sound all wafty, and I am the least wafty person I know. The question is what are you striving for? Is it to experience a particular feeling? If it is a feeling of success then meditate and allow yourself to feel success.  What makes it stranger is that you don’t have to ‘do’ something to experience a feeling. You can simply sit quietly and ask yourself ‘how does it truly feel to feel successful?’ What if you could simply feel successful without having to push your limits? Your feelings can be accessed at any moment simply through choice. All you have to do is ask. Now what if you were striving and chasing goals to feel worthy? Well what if you allowed yourself to feel worthy and experienced it? Go on… I dare you… Take that time out and sit with yourself. How about asking yourself ‘what does it truly feel like to feel worthy?’ Go on give it a go. Feel where it is in your body and allow yourself to feel it. Enjoy that feeling, bathe in that feeling and guess what – erm you feel worthy. So then why chase the goal and strive?


Now here is a concept that may well aggravate some. What if you could choose all those lovely feelings that you desire to experience whenever you want? Well you can. What if you choose to feel all those lovely feelings until they become your normal state of being? What would happen then? I am going to leave it here…  and I will end with ‘There are times when you can allow yourself to feel good by sitting and feeling good feelings.’ ‘There are times that by taking time out to focus on your inner world the outer world shifts.’ ‘There are times when you go on holiday you realise that you have a blog backlog that desires to be shared.’ Enjoy!

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