Fresh Eyes and The Art of Travel

So it is going to get arty… because I have been inspired by blossom.


At the moment I am in Japan, and as always consumed in thought. I have been thinking a lot of late about why I travel. As I have mentioned before – it is something within me. The desire for exploration and adventure is a desire that I cannot really explain. It is just something that is there, just anted to be fed. When I am travelling my soul feels ignited and I simply reach states of bliss and creativity.


So in terms of creativity, I have realised that travel enables me to see the world with fresh eyes. What’s more, when I travel I often return home to see home with fresh eyes too.  Travel encourages food exploration – ‘If you can’t identify it then eat it.’ The motto is the opposite of survival and has resulted in eating some rather bizarre food. I had urchin sushi and I definitely couldn’t identify it. You can make your own mind up about that little beauty!


So where is this all going? Well today I went on a wonderfully creative adventure. I have a camera that can photograph 360 degrees and felt the urge to take a few shots… I thought I would share them… The thing is there will be the reality image at the end. I do like to capture those because quite often when I am off photographing I have to wait for a quiet moment. That has become rarer and rarer because the mass can afford and have access to the world. I stand watching them all consumed in getting the best shot of themselves. It was never quite so brash. I quite enjoy watching the level of extreme poutism. It is like gurning but with cheeks sucked in. As I said it is only in the last ten years that the selfie phenomenon has become all consuming for many. When I first started out as a photographer, well selfies didn’t exist and the world used film cameras – meaning that which was in a film cannister…

thetaplus_20180328155454317.jpgAnyway enough of the selfie rant… Instead we should be focused on nature and her beauty. So here we go… A few little blossom festival beauties that fall into my creative and surreal genre…


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