How Tingle Dingle and the Land of Boredooom! came about

Boredoooooooooooooooooooooooooom! has to be one of the most challenging states for a child to experience. That whole sense of greyness and being bored can literally drive a kid to distraction. Now, before writing Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom!, I read an article which talked about how boredom is the perfect opportunity to be creative. Erm really? According to the article it is because you can wander off into your imagination. When one is bored the opportunity to relax and dream and find solutions is presented to the Boredomian (new word alert!) So, with that in mind, I decided that maybe boredom could be a good thing. Personally I have always found being bored a challenge. I am not the kind of person who can sit still for long, I like adventure, whether it is through imagination or real life experience. Sooooo, when I was presented with states of regular boredom, rather than run away from it, well,  I decided to truly feel it. In the process I discovered all manner and levels of boredom: dreary, drab, tedious and mundane to name but a few. It then occurred to me that I could transform the dull into hilarious and utilise dreary to entertain. Boredom was quite an interesting subject especially when you combined bored and doom. Since boredom was average then why not make it extreme and create Boredooom!

In Boredooom! I had fun, my random insights took me to some very self-amused places during the creation of the book. What’s more, while researching I actually met people who didn’t get bored – I know!!!! I almost fell over… Who doesn’t get bored and plan an adventure so that they have something to dream about? It seems most people don’t. It was then that I understood how I use being bored as a driving force. Those who don’t get bored are often quite content and don’t suffer from BOREDOM_ITCHY-BOTTOM-FIDGETY-ITUS! (That is a new disease I invented which makes me all wiggly prior to booking a ridiculous trip that will scare the heck out of me and give me something to distract from being bored).


Anyway the reason that I wrote this little blog was to share the positive aspects of boredom and how it can inspire one to step out of the mundane and take an adventure in either one’s dream world or in reality. That sense of stagnation often drives a person to seek out the new, imagine great things or choose to be creative. With that in mind, I used boredom to inspire my new children’s book which isn’t boring at all…  The paperback was released today and is currently in audio production – yippee!

Link to Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom!

TingleDingle Boredoom V2





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