Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom ! Chapter 1

Hello everyone, well I am going to post the first 4 Chapters over the next few weeks just for a bit of fun!



‘I’m bored!’ cried Tingle running into the front room. That room was freshly decorated with crisp white walls. It still had a large worn leather sofa and two cosy leather armchairs. There was a silver coffee table, a large silver mirror and a nice colourful turquoise rug. Josh ran in after Tingle waving a plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex. The dinosaur was clearly bored too. It was pouring down with rain outside and the garden looked grey and murky. There was definitely no fun to be had in such conditions especially because it was so cold!

‘Only boring people get bored,’ said her father from behind the newspaper. He sat comfortably in his armchair and was very cosily wearing slippers. He was a bearded cheeky chap who liked his home and being with the family on Sunday. He liked grey days because he didn’t have to do any jobs on the jobs list.

‘But I’m not boring!’ replied Tingle with a stomp. Tingle was six years old and a lively little girl. She was known for her mischief, her huge dark curly hair and was quite often a little stubborn. Josh was four years old with a fluff of blonde hair and the kind of boy who liked to keep his dinosaurs at his side. Both folded their arms. They were not boring but they were definitely bored! Their Auntie Joanna often sang Boring the boring song when they said they were bored. Boredom and gloom could take a child to The Land of Boredooom.’ She also said that boredom always resulted in mischief or trouble.

The problem was it was Sunday and there was nothing to do! The weather stopped them going out to play and what made it more difficult was that it was really cold because it was winter. Toys were fun for a short time but there was really nothing much else they wanted to create. They had already made a camp and imagined they were in igloos. They had built a whole train set and Tingle had drawn a whole host of different monsters with her coloured pens.

‘Your Auntie Joanna will be here soon,’ their mother said watching them fidget. ‘You know she will have something to say about Boredooom,’ she sipped a cup of coffee and glanced out at the torrential rain. Dianne, their mother, was a cosy lady with bobbed hair and wore nice knitted jumpers, leggings and long boots.

‘Yey!!!’ Tingle said excitedly and did a happy dance. Auntie Joanna always had a fun story and knew how to play.

‘Yey and yey!!!!!!!!!!!!’ cried Josh waving a dinosaur as he made a little roar.

Dianne, turned her head and smiled. Her children loved Auntie Joanna and her stories. Their last adventure had taken them to the Treasure Tree and before that Tingle got to meet the Little Mischiefs because she had been very naughty. There was always something a little bit quirky about Auntie Joanna and the stories she told. What made it even stranger was that they often came true.

‘I bet she will tell you about The Land of Boredooom!’ Dianne said thoughtfully and making a big ‘oooooo’ with the o’s. ‘Darlings when she arrives make sure you tell her you are bored. You know she will just love that.’

Five minutes later a brightly painted camper van pulled up and parked on their drive. Auntie Joanna jumped out in bright pink Wellington boots with gold stars. She wore a crazy patterned waterproof coat, which looked as though someone had thrown rainbow blobs at her.

‘Darlings she is here…’ Their mother said with a grin.

Tingle and Josh darted towards the window expecting Auntie Joanna to race through the rain to the front door. No, of course she didn’t. Why would she when she could jump up and down in the puddles to see how much splash she could make? She then found it really rather amusing and took a run up at the largest puddle she could see. And… Boom! And Splash! A huge wall of water rose up around her. Auntie Joanna, with her curly hair and very alive face, cracked up laughing at her own mischief. She turned and noticed Tingle and Josh at the window waving. They looked completely confused. ‘Mum I didn’t think adults jumped in puddles.’ Tingle said with a tone of concern.

‘Most don’t darling but Auntie Joanna finds fun in most things. I don’t think she grew up and she probably never will. She said there was too much magic in being a child and that she wanted to keep that magic for as long as possible. That is why she will tell you what happened in The Land of Boredooom! When she used to get bored too and that boredom always resulted in trouble.’

‘And mischief,’ said their father from behind the newspaper.

There was a ring of the bell and then another ring. ‘Bring di bring diiiiiiiiiiiiiii bbbbriiiiiing!!!! Auntie Joanna attempted to play a tune with the bell. Tingle and Josh smiled and glanced at their mum who was shaking her head as though she had heard it all before. It seemed that Auntie Joanna was in a playful mood and that meant mischief for all!

Link to Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom!

TingleDingle Boredoom V2

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