Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! Chapter 2

Hello everyone, well I am going to post the first 4 Chapters over the next few weeks just for a bit of fun!



Tingle and Josh ran to the door and Dianne opened it to be greeted by a huge grin and a very amused wet Auntie.

‘Well hullllllllllooooooooooo,’ she said singing the greeting.

‘Auntie Joanna you were jumping in puddles,’ said Josh waving his dinosaur.

‘Yes Josh I was. Sometimes a puddle needs to be jumped in just to make a decent splash.’ She replied as though there was nothing unusual about it.

‘Adults don’t jump in puddles,’ said Tingle in a definite voice.

‘Ah that is where you are wrong Tingle. Some adults do jump in puddles and take great pleasure in it but they just do it when other adults aren’t looking. It seems that often when grown-ups get older they forget the pleasure of making a great big splash!’

Tingle frowned and noticed Josh also had a confused expression.

‘You know how much fun it is to jump in puddles don’t you? That pleasure shouldn’t just be for children now should it? Anyway enough of splash-aceousness! I will tell you a story another time about the splishy sploshies… Today I have a sense that something else is afoot. What is going on Tingle? You and Josh don’t seem your usual lively selves.’ Auntie Joanna studied them. She turned them around and ruffled their hair. ‘Yep something is definitely afoot. There is nothing fun or playful coming from either of you. I could guess what is going on… but I daren’t say it.’

Dianne stroked Tingle’s hair. ‘Joanna, it is Sunday, it is winter and it is raining. You know what that means…’

With a large gasp Auntie Joanna studied the children. ‘Oh I thought as much… But… No… it can’t be possible. They are children and they have huge imaginations… I don’t believe it… They can’t be…’

Tingle glanced at Josh who didn’t know what they meant. ‘Auntie Joanna?’

Auntie Joanna removed her rain hat and plumped her hair. She kicked off her boots and hung up her raincoat, then crouched down. ‘Tingle tell me what is going on… If it begins with B… it will be a concern.’

With a loud sigh Tingle gazed into her aunt’s sparkly eyes. ‘Auntie Joanna I am bored…. Josh is bored too.’

‘Bored, bored, bored…’ said Josh waving his dinosaur. ‘My dinosaur is bored too!’

Auntie Joanna shook her head in disbelief… She guided the group into the front room.  ‘Well there is only one thing for it.’

Dianne shrugged and Tingle’s father glanced over his newspaper and grimaced. ‘Oh noooo not that!’ he said. ‘I don’t want to get my slippers dirty!’

Josh tapped Tingle, what was going to happen?

‘Dianne, shall we show them?’ Auntie Joanna asked.

With a sigh Dianne shrugged. ‘I guess they should know about Boredooom.’

‘We really need to show them what Boredooom actually is. Then you will be surprised how boredomless you really are out here! Just look around your home… There is so much to imagine and play with and instead you choose to be bored… Bored is the best time to spend time imagining… my little sausages but no… you are just going to have to go on the ultimate journey and experience The Land of Boredooooooooooooooooom!’ Josh glanced at Tingle, what did that mean?

Link to Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! on Amazon.co.uk

TingleDingle Boredoom V2

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