Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! Chapter 3

Hello everyone, well I am going to post the first 4 Chapters over the next few weeks just for a bit of fun!



‘Right then!’ With a look of determination Auntie Joanna stomp-marched into the front room. Tingle scurried behind her followed by Josh. She had no idea what her Auntie was up to. Auntie Joanna made her way over to the worn out sofa and pushed it a little way from the wall. ‘Does it still have the zip?’ she asked.

Dianne nodded and Tingle’s father, John, did not look impressed. ‘I thought we agreed to keep that secret to ourselves. If the children knew about this secret then they might try and visit places when we are not around.’

‘That isn’t possible unless they know the rhymes for the specific places. The portal will only allow people through when they know those rhymes.’ Auntie Joanna said crouching down.

Tingle stood beside Josh and whispered, ‘What do you think they are talking about?’

‘Don’t know,’ replied Josh. He looked to his dinosaur, it didn’t have a clue either.

‘So Josh and Tingle are you ready to go on a magical adventure?’ Auntie Joanna studied the pair and had a twinkle in her eye. Last time she looked at them like that they ended up meeting giants. That adventure had ended up with the family buying giant vegetables to give to giants to make a stew because they wanted to visit a treasure tree. It was a brilliant adventure and a little frightening. So what was Auntie Joanna up to now?

‘Where are we going on an adventure to?’ Tingle asked in a small voice that revealed she was concerned.

‘I don’t want to be bored,’ said Josh.

‘Well that is it, decision made,’ said Auntie Joanna. ‘We can’t have you being bored, so that is why we are definitely going to The Land of Boredooom! We will have a boring adventure.’ She smiled at the thought of an adventure being boring because they never were.

Tingle waved her hands in the air… ‘Boredooom is not real…’

Auntie Joanna gave a knowing look. ‘We have been here before Tingle…’ Now as you said you are bored, and that means we are going to face boredom from a different angle. So take a deep breath kids.’ Auntie Joanna closed her eyes as she focused on remembering. For a short while she appeared to be mouthing words. Finally, when she was ready she began. ‘Boredom is and boredom does and make the world a place of fuzz. We need to adventure to a different land to enable the children to understand. Boredom enables imagination to run riot, boredom also allows the mind to be quiet. In boredom you can play and dream to make creatures that have never been seen. Sometimes there are monsters who come from your mind but you can always leave them behind. So open the gate to the world unknown for true boredom’s potential to be shown. Ta daaaaa!’

The sofa began to glow and shake. Tingle and Josh stepped back.

‘John you are going to have to help me move it so we can step through the gateway.’ John stepped up and helped push the sofa towards the centre of the room.

Tingle and Josh noticed a golden zip that travelled up both sides and across the whole back of the sofa. As the sofa shook, a bright light shone from the teeth of the zip.

‘Are you ready kids?’ asked Auntie Joanna brightly.

Josh looked at Tingle with a fretful face.

‘Yes we are ready…’ Tingle said in a small voice that was uncertain.

‘Are you sure?’ Auntie Joanna asked.

Tingle wasn’t sure but wasn’t an adventure better than spending the whole day being bored?

‘Yes,’ replied Tingle.

With that, Auntie Joanna crouched down and began to unzip the back of the sofa. There were two zips which met in the middle of the sofa back. Auntie Joanna unzipped the first zip and unfortunately it got jammed. ‘I might need your help Dianne.’

‘It hasn’t done that before,’ Dianne replied with a frown.

‘It has been a long time since we have been on an adventure through the sofa,’ Auntie Joanna replied tugging at the zip.

The two sisters worked together and loosened the first zip and then the second. The material making the back flap of the sofa plopped to the floor. When it made contact with the carpet it transformed into stairs that spiralled down towards an area that was illuminated, although there was a grey glow.

Like a drawbridge from a castle, Tingle’s mouth fell open. She had sat on that sofa all of her life and she had never guessed that it was a magic sofa. It now made sense that even though the front room had been decorated the sofa had remained the same.

Auntie Joanna sat on her bottom, and slid to the edge of the stairs and stepped down until she could stand upright. ‘Are you coming or not? Oh and are you a little less bored now?’

‘Yes,’ Tingle replied glancing at Josh whose mouth appeared like a tunnel entrance.

‘Yes, yes… Yes!’ said Josh waving his dinosaur.

Auntie Joanna held out her hand and gestured for Tingle, Josh and their parents to follow. They then followed the spiral staircase down to a grey door. The door itself was dull, flat and grey with a little silver doorknob.

‘Even that door is boring,’ said Dianne. ‘Oh gosh… I can’t believe we are visiting here again. Last time we were here I got so bored that I couldn’t stop yawning.’ She remembered it well, her experience of Boredooom had certainly affected her for the rest of her life.

‘Yes that was because the Yawners got at you,’ Auntie Joanna said making a huge yawn and arching her back theatrically.

‘Oh I had forgotten about them and their tricks,’ Dianne said remembering all the different Boredomians she had met in Boredooom.’

‘So you two really have been here before?’ asked John, in a surprised tone. ‘I assumed it was one of Joanna’s stories.’

‘When we were young we got bored too. Our Nana took us here to show us what boredom really was. After that one visit we stopped being bored and would go and spend time imagining rather than complaining we were bored. The Land of Boredooom certainly made an impression on us. In fact it changed our lives. I think that is why Joanna is so full of stories now.’ Dianne glanced at her sister.

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