One Wonderful Week

So this week has been monumental for the writing and audio productions. Retina Blue is finally produced on audio and is going through the final technicalities before release on Audible and iTunes next week. Stockton Harris, the producer and actor, and I have been working on this for six months. It has been a fantastic journey. A lot has happened to us in that time and since the book is about synchronicity then the timings on the events were immaculate. So a huge thank you to Stockton for keeping the finish line in mind. 4RETINABLUE4.jpg

Other than that, my Cruise Ship book is being proof-read. This book made me laugh so much while I was writing it that there were times where I was crying. I will be posting ten samples in the next few weeks. God I love this book… It is sooooo wrong that it is right!IMG_0235

Finally, Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! is now in audio production by the lovely Lily Partridge who produced Tingle Dingle and the Treasure tree… This book is nuts and appeals to kiddie-winkies. It is amazing how many different types of boredom there are… The irony is the book isn’t boring – it is an adventure. Lily has some brilliant voices too, so has me in hysterics. So, with all that in mind… what a week! Thank you Lily!!!

TingleDingle Boredoom V2


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