Retina Blue Audio Chapter 7

Oh the questions… The lovely questions… If I had a blueprint that we had written then why on earth did I put myself through that crap? – that is one of my favourite questions. I came to the conclusion that my higher self has a very dark sense of humour. You might find that in your own life. There are circumstances that you could not avoid and somehow that sequence of events resulted in that specific moment and you may well be astounded. Or consider that moment when you intuition flared up and you ignored it. The next minute you realise that you literally should have listened because what you experienced was horrific. On the other side of that, when you have listened to that little voice inside and thought ‘blimey! Hang on! Thank goodness I listened.’ What I find fascinating is how everyone’s lives are so different and everyone’s inner worlds can never be experienced by anyone else. Isn’t it fascinating that we will never actually experience life as anyone else experiences it because we are not them, we do not have the same filters and we do not have the same physiology. To me that is a miracle…



Please share with all of your friends and anyone else you can think of… Thank you…

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