Retina Blue Audio Chapter 10

Well hasn’t it been a wonderful journey? As I mentioned before, the idea for this book came to me close to twenty years ago. I know! That is nuts… Now here I am posting my last Retina Blue promotional chapter and I feel a little sad really because writing this book was really rather wonderful. It took me to places and experiences that I never thought I would discover. I quite simply loved writing it. As with all things… it is time to let Retina Blue find its way in the world and find the right people who will connect to it. So here is the last ‘free’ chapter. If you like it then please share it because the world needs to rise into a conscious state. The subtle wisdom in this book will give a few insights and provide some wisdom.

Anyway upward, onward and new books to write and creative landscapes to explore. By letting Retina Blue go I will then have room for new and exciting writing adventures. Yipee!

Please share with everyone!



Well me lovelies… you have no idea what is coming next and what I have in store to share… I am already excited because I know what I have written and I can quite simply say… Be ready!


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