You Should Write About Cruise Ships…

Oh don’t you love that phrase ‘you should…’

Well my lovelies… I listened and Ruby wrote Cruise Ship Creatures. So the news is that Cruise Ship Creatures will soon be coming to a Kindle Store near you. It will be out in paperback in the next two weeks. Oh yes… It is dark, it is twisted, it is crass and above all I sat laughing hysterically while the little beauty was written. You know what? There is nothing more fun than sitting laughing while sharing ridiculous incidents and stories. Some might consider crying laughing while creating madness when actually it is brilliant. Consider this – belly laughing into states of tears because the story being told is horrifying, hilarious and dark and twisted. Oh the joy… Honestly.

So I will give you a peek at the Kindle cover. Oh and just so you know ‘Ruby Allure’ wrote this one. She writes the ‘grown up’ books.

To celebrate the creation there will be ten cruise ship creatures posted on the site over the next months… There are close to one hundred and I am sure you will recognise the creatures and some of the most cringe-worthy stories… Oh fun, Fun, FUN!!!!!



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