Cruise Ship Creatures – The Gin-a-ling-a-ding-dongs





Many a gincident has been reported by the ‘Gin-A-Ling-A-Ding-Dongs’ who generally seem to be the most happily wasted cruisers around the ship. To make the matter increasingly exciting is that there are gin tasting events that attract these specific ‘Cruise Ship Creatures’ together in one place to sample the joyous gin creations.


After a few gin tasting-tastic moments the group seem to evolve into general hilarity with their crimson cheeks and the hint of blue at the end of their noses. The gin phenomenon catalyses the shyest cruisers to transform into self-professed entertainers and they can be discovered dominating the late night karaoke scene. Others take to the casino tables for a bit of a flutter or even dominate the dance floor with moves and shapes likened to YMCA on speed; although, the shapes will more likely spell G I N. Ever tried creating a recognisable capital N with your body? It is worth a try.


As with all things gin there are many a gincident to report and fantastic moments of congers taking place when there is no actual conger music. One of the best shippy gincidents involved a group of older ‘Gin-A-Ling-A-Ding-Dongs’ reaching the point of being grievous-ginily-sloshed and deciding that skinny dipping in the central pool at the buffet-face-stuffing peak time was a particularly good idea. Unfortunately, some of the sights floating on the surface was enough to turn carnivores vegetarian, vegetarians, and vegans to breathitarians. When it came to dessert many of the horrified onlookers realised that a moment on the lips could result in the sight of fleshy-nakedness before them. Of course the complainers found the scene disgusting and it definitely ruined their cruise. Security, accompanied by numerous Officers, were called to extract the blighters from the pool. The gincident resulted in the Captain making an announcement stating that under no circumstances were any guests to enter the pool without adequate swimming attire. What absolute gin-ilarity!





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