And now it is time to have a holiday from writing.

Well it is amazing to arrive at this point. For twenty years I have been writing solidly. If I was not writing a blog or a book, I would be writing out ideas and compiling them. Well today is my time for a break. It is time to allow my books to do their own thing. Essentially most are at the age where they should be able to take responsibility for themselves.

Now that I have chosen to take a break, I want to share some insights on my years of writing and teaching creative writing. It seems that writing for me is a compulsion. An idea turns up and haunts me until it is written. It has to be written. It has to be complete. This has happened for years and years. Some of the ideas are fun, others are childish while others are dark and twisted. All of them gave an insight and a learning. The thing is for  a person to produce a book there has to be a desire, discipline and a passion. There is no point writing for money because ultimately that will provide no joy. The enjoyment has always been stepping into the creative space and exploring the idea’s potential. The thing is writing has become my normal. I am so disciplined with it that I generally write each day, even if it is 500 words. This is how I progress, little steps every day. It is an intensive journey of thousands of wordy miles.

Now you may wonder why I would want a break. Well I watched a film about a fellow creative who achieved a great deal. The pressure on this creative meant that he could not take a break. In the end he ended it all. He couldn’t see another way out. The shock of his departure made me realise how lucky I am to have choice. If I want a break I can take a break. I don’t have that sort of pressure. Instead I continue with my other career (I write and work in normal life too), be paid and allow myself to have some space from writing. A break from writing is something I had never considered before. My writing is so habitual that when I come home from work I will write and will also write before I go out and socialise. No wonder I get tired! The thing is that is how I deliver so many books…

With all the above in mind, I am going to take a writing break until the end of October… In fact it will be until Halloween because I can. In the meantime, I will let the unconscious brew and peculate. If a new book demands to be written then I will write it. If nothing turns up then maybe it is time to try something new. Who knows? What I do know is that I am feeling excited about having the space to paddle board, be with my friends and simply enjoy life with out a blooming book lurking, haunting and demanding my attention.

So my lovelies enjoy what is already out there… Cruise Ship Creatures may be the last.

Who knows what the future holds…

Lots of love Michelle

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