Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! Chapter 1 -Audio

Well what can I say? Well done Lily Partridge for producing yet another hilarious interpretation of Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! Oh and Boredooom has three ‘o’s. Imagine breaking such rules in writing! Fun? Yes! Rebellious? Oooooooh yes! Do I love it? Oh indeeeeeeeedy! Ha! So, I am always amazed by how the wonderful audio producers deliver the characters and the voices that you have created in your mind. In all honesty hearing books translated into audio must be one of my favourite things. With this in mind, I love what Lily has done. It just makes me happy. Anyway I will share the first 3 Chapters over the coming weeks with all those lovely people who visit the blog… I hope you enjoy it too! Please note this is a children’s book aimed at 4 years and older. Enjoy!

Tingle audio51tt+9LYABL._AA300_

Tingle Dingle and the Land of Boredooom on Audible.com

Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom! on Audible.co.uk

If you like it then please share it with your friends on audio.

Thanks you all!



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