Why taking a break makes you appreciate things

How many times have you heard that it is only when you lose something you appreciate it? Well, have you noticed it is a true? It is the things that we take for granted and become complacent about that are often the hardest hitting when they are removed from our lives. Take for example the friend you rely on who moves to another part of the country. Or what about that boyfriend or girlfriend you complained about? Suddenly they have had enough and moved on and… ‘oh my goodness they were actually amazing and you miss them!’ So rather than lose things completely why not have a little break? In my opinion, when you have a bit of space and time away from something, or someone, only then do you truly appreciate them.


With the above in mind, I took a break from writing. I had become a compulsive writing factory. I was compelled to write pretty much all of the time, even when I was exhausted. I wanted to write my next big hitter, so much so, that in-between books I didn’t take a break and that was a big mistake. One always needs a break or a holiday to refresh, recharge and have dreaming time. So this year, after finishing Tingle Dingle and The Land of Boredooom!, Cruise Ship Creatures and the audio Production of Retina Blue, I decided I needed to have a little break from writing until the end of October- when the dark nights returned. In fact I chose to have a proper summer filled with paddle boarding, beach barbecues and lots of friendy time. It was lovely. I could not have asked for anything more. While I was splashing in the sea Cruise Ship Creatures and Tingle Dingle were in audio production and all I had to do was have a listen a couple of times a week. That was a joy that reminded me how much I loved to write.


Sooooo what was the upshot of it? Well I managed not to write any new books or edit for over a month. It was quite liberating yet when I hit a month something happened: I began to crave writing again. What is funny is that when I first went on my break I was convinced I would never write again. I had delivered 17 books to the world, surely that was enough. I could concentrate on my normal career and not have random characters stampeding around my mind vying for literary attention when doing a full scale analysis. No… The truth is actually no. While I took the break, the half formed books joined their puzzle pieces and formed. So now, about five weeks later, I know what I am going to write. I know my plan and that all ‘plopped’ into place by taking a break. That is it though. By having a break I realised how much I love writing books whether they sell or not. I just love writing them. Also in the future I will take a break after each book, celebrate with a nice bit of time away and allow the next book the space to mentally assemble. All so exciting because when you are rejuvenated the passion can flow once more… Yipee!





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