Ladies this came through… Need to share…

Someone told us ‘we’ were weak and we believed them.

Someone told us we were the lesser sex and we accepted that story.

All the while we were persuaded we were not enough, so we handed over our unique feminine power.

Since ‘we’ harness the feminine power of creation and should it be our path then we can deliver a soul into life. That feminine weakness is the power of all powers. A power that is dismissed…

Now the beauty of being underestimated is the element of surprise.

And do you sense ‘her’ resonating. ‘SHE’ has entered the field. Can you feel her calling? She is ready to rise.

SHE, the Goddess is ready
SHE, the Goddess is calling, for us, the women sent to embody true feminine power with grace, peace and tranquility to step up and BECOME.

United we can heal the planet and be the example.

There is no need for aggression, hatred or anger. Instead we can unite through connectedness, joy and love.

We can plant seeds both intellectually and literally and we can LOVE LOVE LOVE, which is contrary to a standard Rising. Although we are not standard and we are Rising.

In rebellious peace and graceful power we can radiate, inspire and manifest.

By feeling, by becoming and being connected the greater ‘SHE’ can transform and transmute that which is damaged, all that is broken into a new state and a new being to ignite a new era.
Do you feel her resonating on the field and conversing with your soul?

Are you ready?

The Female Rising by Ruby Allure and Michelle Dry is available on Amazon. Please let your female friends know…

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