A crossroads in life… What do you do?

Isn’t life fascinating in how it unfolds? There are times when you reach that crossroads where there is a choice. The question is how you make that choice and what really matters to you?

So the dilemma is time versus money for many. So let me ask you this if you have a choice of a high-powered job for one of the most renown companies in the world. This job is high pressure and takes up your time leaving you little energy to do what you love… You could work ten years less and retire in ten years if you last that long. OR…


Alternatively you could work for a company that does good things. The job is less pressure and each day you leave with energy left to be able to do what you are passionate about. The thing is you won’t have plenty of spare cash because it pays a lot less. You will probably have to work until retirement age unless something miraculous takes place…

What would you do? How do you make that decision?


I find this dilemma fascinating because I have watched others struggle with this and have experienced it myself… Ultimately it all comes down to how you want to live. One of the latest things I have noticed is how so many fear change. So many people will survive until they die rather than take risks and live. Of course we can’t all take off on a world trip. Yet the work we do can provide satisfaction. I have watched people shrivel in jobs they hate purely for money. Unfortunately many become ill and it is only when they are forced to re-evaluate they make change…


That becomes another question – how bad does it have to become before you do what you love or make change?

So my new approach is to ask myself what lights me up? I then try and increase experiencing more of it. It doesn’t mean you have to jack everything in and head to the airport. It might be as simple as doing a bit more yoga in the front room or reading in the bath…

So my question for you is what more do you want to experience in life?

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