When the reviews come in…

So this week, while I was on holiday, Cruise Ship Creatures arrived on Audible and what a week it has been. It sold and I was not around to market it. That is the problem with being an author and actually having a holiday. The holiday was booked before the book release and we were two months early with audio delivery to market place.

The truth is I needed a holiday and what happens? Well you still end up working because you have to request reviewers to review the book. The more reviews then the more sales… So this week thirty seven reviewers requested Cruise Ship Creatures and the first three reviews are in… and they are good. As I have mentioned before, there is nothing better than providing laughter to the world (actually there is … laughing at your own jokes). Anyway, I love the idea of people sitting on a cruise ship deck crying laughing… With that in mind, I like this review:

Humorous book that’s good for light listening

Having never been on a cruise, I thought this book would be a humorous preparation as to what to expect in terms of other cruisers. The author has had jobs that allow them to people-watch on ships, and they share their laughable experiences in this book. The author provides some evocative descriptions of their favorite “creatures” including:
* Elderly scooter riders descending like a pack of Hell’s Angels during an emergency evacuation test
* Entitled “Do you know who I am?” cruisers that believe their outfits and disposable income enable them to be pushy and rude, followed by the customer service rep saying “I know you’re a jerk!”
* The determined readers that *will* finish their books while sitting on the desk, stormy weather be damned. Loved the part in which the author is almost assured that a reader is superglued to the deck in their drive to finish a few pages.
* The cougars: older women that peril with a strategy and are “after officers…and some are after anyone as long as they’re younger than them!”

The format lends itself well to listening during a busy day: there are 105 chapters that are only 2-3 minutes long, making it easy to listen while driving to the office or while putting on makeup in the morning. If you get pulled away it’s easy to find your spot or even relisten to a whole chapter. The author has a cute style and would definitely consider this to be light reading (“beach book”), maybe even perfect for a cruise.

Let’s hope the next reviews are good. I would love this one to reach the world and enable a huge giggle…









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