My Favourite Review So Far…

As I have mentioned before, the joy in writing humour is releasing books into the world that genuinely make people laugh. This review provides me with such pleasure knowing that a complete stranger is pissing themselves laughing while baking… I apologise for any cakes harmed while listening to Cruise Ship Creatures…

Laugh until you cry
I enjoy going on a cruise and when I read the reviews on this audiobook I could not resist. It is not a book with a storyline but rather a series of short narratives which make this audiobook ideal for short burst. Not only are the stories funny but when you consider they are real then they become hilarious. The author relates her stories on board cruise ships with delightful ease and with wicked humour whilst the narrator is absolutely brilliant with a delivery that makes you feel as though he is sitting next to you on the sofa reliving anecdotes from the sea rather than reading a book. I started listening to it in the kitchen whilst baking but after crying with laughter I completely forgot where I was in the baking process and had to start again. I cannot recommend this audiobook enough. A must for all who cruise and anyone who wants a jolly good laugh. A feel good audiobook!

Oh here is a chapter on audio for you to listen to… The Rebel With a Budgie-smuggling cause…






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