A Monsteracious Update…

Soooo my lovelies I might have been quiet for a while. Well it is because I have been dealing with Monsters. Yep who can say that?


The truth is there are plenty of Monsters to interview for my next Children’s book. Taking time to understand monsters and how they approach life takes time. Let’s take Yucky the slime monster. How would you feel if every time you lifted one of your five arms a jet of slime flew out? Such a monstery skill can work well when hunting but when trying to befriend humans it is quite a challenge. One excited move and your new friend is covered in goooooey drool. Nice eh?


Anyway I am not going to give too much away… I do have to admit I do love writing the Children’s books because they have so much potential for dreaming and imagining. As I write this the monster illustrations are in process too.

Talking of dreaming and imagining Gargantuan Adventures – The Secret Gate is well into audio production. Stockton Harris, the chap that produced Cruise Ship Creatures… is in full flow. So all very exciting.


Talking of Cruise Ship Creatures… That blooming book… I wrote it for self amusement and it seems lots of people get the humour. Thank goodness. It seems people like listening to the audio on deck while watching tbe other guests. Some of the readers mentioned they were crying laughing on deck when a Leopard-skin-lovely strolled past in a multitude of animal print items…

So that is my news…  Have a lovely day😁






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