Monster Marvellousness

Ohhhhh here we go… The potential of a monster disco!!!! Yipeee!

So for those of you lovely people who follow my writing escapades, you might remember that I have been writing about monsters. Oh what a joy it has been meandering into monster mayhem and inventing some rather bizarre creatures. In fact, creature creation is one of my favourite things…

Obviously one can have a lot of favourite things and imagining is something I love, writing that imagining into a story and… receiving illustrations interpretting those weird and wonderful imaginings is an absolute dream! Soooo today a few of the little illustrationbeauties arrived and I just love them… They do make me chuckle…. so i just have a few more to be delivered plus the cover… Then it will be proofing and creating the final book… Yipeeeeeee! Fun?

Sooooo fun!

Although I won’t lie… there have been challenges writing this one. Sometimes there can be writer’s block and you get stuck. My challenge was trying to justify why a child would even want to see a monster, especially if they could get eaten… Anyway a couple of random conversations with friends sorted that one out. I will leave you to guess what the reason a child wants to see a monster is and the solution to not getting eaten…

Scan 46-2.jpeg

Soooo with all that in mind, if you want to see what I write then have a look on Amazon under Michelle Dry. I am not into ramming sales down people’s throats because I have noticed that pushing books never works. Books sell if people like them… Funnily enough they recommend them to others. That was my huge learning with my cruise book – people find it, read it then share it… It seems that sales are beyond my control and creating bizarre monsters is a far better use of time!

Anyway if you think you know the answer to why a child would want to meet a monster then post below.

Also what do you think the solution was for the kiddies to go and see the monsters… There might be a clue in the blog!

One response to “Monster Marvellousness”

  1. Because their innocence allows them to not be afraid, and see beyond the appearance of a creature with accepting inquisitiveness 🙂


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