The Birth of Monsters

Well it finally happened and I gave birth! It wasn’t your average birth either it was a Monster birth of the epic kind! Imagine! So with the help of Robin and Lynda, The Monsters’ Dance birth took place at 4.20am this morning and the bouncing Monster Dancing baby weighed in at a whopping  400 pounds and 3 ozs! Mother and Monster are fine… Although a small crane was needed to lift the monster baby to its cot!

Scan 53

So with the above in mind, I guess you are confused – I would be… Well as many of you know I have been writing The Monsters’ Dance since January and it has been a delight to create. So much so, I almost wanted to keep it to myself. Well there is a strange pleasure in keeping your writing to yourself; however, my dad gave me a bit of a kick to share it because of the pleasure it brings to children. So needless to say, this little beauty entered the world this morning. Strangely there was no kicking and screaming just a lot of growling and roaring!


Now what makes the timing impeccable is that The Monsters’s Dance takes place on the longest night… So I can now share some of the Monster Dancing contenders with you until solstice.

The paperback should be out this week too. Double Monster birthing whammy!

Happy days!






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