Could Romper Stomper be The Monsters’ Dance Winner?

What Jenny and Ben didn’t know was in caves and secret nooks and monster crannies, all kinds of mighty monsteracious moves were being practiced. Romper the Stomper monster was rehearsing her steady stomping steps. She was a giant monster covered in hair. The humans would say that she looked like a yeti, but she was a very curvaceous yeti with a huge pink bow tied to her frightening fringe so that she could see. She looked like those funny Pekinese dogs but in giant form. To match her pink bow she had a rather lovely pink sequined dress. She had selected it purposely to provide a little party prancing pizazz. While she stomped, waved her arms and pulled some rather exciting moves her family of little stompers sat on the sofa watching. In the centre of the cave living room three beasty bushy babies bounced into the air from the sofa as their mum stomped herself into a furry frenzy. After one final stompy sequence, where everything around them shook and clattered, she finally came to rest. With a loud pant she turned to her little stompettes to gage their reaction.

‘Yey mummmmmy!’ they cried. The three tufty triplets, with huge green eyes, clapped excitedly. When their mum had reached the peak of her stomp they had almost touched the ceiling with her thunderous thudding and that made them giggle. Surely their mum had to win – her stompacious power could create an earthquake of a colossal size and magnitude if she gave it her full stomping power! Romper took a seat and panted, she only had a few more practice sessions and she intended to win. Surely such a super stomp would impress the judges. Just as she rested, Ripsnorter, her partner arrived home, walked through the door and gave her a huge kiss. ‘Is everything okay darling?’ he asked, noticing she looked tired and a little rosy.
‘Just practising the Slammacious Stomp,’ she replied with an eager look in her eyes.
‘Oh darling!’ He replied. ‘And how is it going?’
‘Do you want to see?’ Romper Stomper asked.
The tufty triplets clapped excitedly because they were about to bounce again and maybe this time they would touch the ceiling!
‘It seems that the tiny tufts have made that decision,’ he said taking seat on the sofa.

Romper reset the music and gazed at Ripsnorter and began the Stomp. The tiny tufts screamed with delight as they were propelled into the air. She paused after her first set and Ripsnorter clapped enthusiastically because it was certainly a powerful prance. After she caught her breath she gazed at him with a certain expression. He smiled, he knew what that look meant. He patted the tufty triplets, stood up and reached out his hand. The pair launched into a simultaneous stomp together. They swirled, stomped and spun in harmony to the pounding music.
‘Yipeeeeeee!!!!’ shrilled the bushy babies as they bounced into the air and all that surrounded them trembled and shuddered with every slammacious stomp.

Will Romper Stomper be the winner?




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