Could Clonk, The Clumsy Monster Win The Monsters’ Dance?

Clonk, the clumsy monster, was doing his best. He had just collided with a tree, which was rather surprising since he was practising his dance in the middle of a field where there was only one tree. Unfortunately for Clonk he had ungainly genetics, yet his desire to dance was unsurpassed. With a large hooked nose and messy hair, he wasn’t the most likely candidate to sparkle in the spotlight. Yet with odds against him, he was determined to win and would not allow his ungainly undulation to stop him. When humans can’t dance they say they have two left feet. Well Clonk had been born with six left feet, so walking in a straight line was quite a challenge, that was why he generally zig-zagged to his destination. In his favour his unpredictable attacks had worked in his fiendish forays. A monster storming from a random direction, not moving in a straight line and disastrously destroying the area through complete lack of coordination had provided quite a remarkable reputation. Clonk could always be relied upon for complete monstrous chaos and carnage. When he decided on a terrification target then he certainly had the capacity to destroy the area.

CLEANEDMONSTER9When it came to dancing Clonk had decided that he must have been given an advantage. Since he had six left feet, and feet were used for disco dancing, then if he could dance sideways then surely he would be unique. He had tested line dancing and was okay. He had discovered that being good at moving in one direction resulted in limited time on stage, so that didn’t really work. Through practice, where he had excelled was with the Can-Can, three legs at a time. Such leg-raising antics would be a spectacle and no one would expect a Clonky Clumsy Can-Can. Of course it would be astonishing and the challenge was not to kick anyone or anything of importance when he took to the floor. To make it increasingly tough, he would have to be courageous and overcome his fear of being seen. Being clumsy often drew the wrong kind of attention. So he had developed skills where he was brilliant at being a chameleon and blending in, yet such a contest meant that he would have to face being the centre of attention as the spotlight would be on him. He had to get over his social anxiety and Can-Can into a new comfort zone.

Angry stump

Clonk took a deep breath and leant against the tree as he thought. During the Can-Can did he lift alternate legs or the three on the left and then the three on the right? Maybe he needed to do a mixture of both. The problem was coordination wasn’t his strong point. Having six legs and synchronising them to walk was often testing. During his dance he was going to perform multiple leg lifts to music in front of the majority of the monster population. Clonk’s gut flipped and he felt that same fear he had felt before. Yet, he knew the only way he would move beyond his comfort zone was to step with all six feet onto that dance floor and provide a special spectacle that would go down in monster history! Half of him was excited while the other half was filled with dread. If he could just decide on the best leg lifting order then he would practice and practice until he was ready. He could do it! The Clonky Chaotic Can-Can was going to be the talk of the Monsters’ Dance!

Will Clonk win The Monsters’ Dance?

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