A Bit of Writing Reflection

Well as many of you know I just released my next book and when you come to the end of writing a book it is like when you cross the line at the end of a marathon. Every part of you aches, you feel like you want to collapse and you are desperate for cake!


Cake aside, when you come to the end of a bit of a writing epic, it is often the case that you think that you will never write again… Or never want to write again. I quite often identify with a dung beetle rolling a giant turd up a mountain (how crass! – but very true). Then on top of that you need to release that baby into the world (I am talking book rather than pile of dung!) You often go into phases of doubt, you ask yourself WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY! you even wrote that book. What if people think it is rubbish? Why have you spent hours and hours imagining different monsters dancing? Why would you do that? Who knows? All these monstrous blooming thoughts stampede through your head…

monster group

Yet, like many sports people know, about a week later you find yourself training for your next event and that is the same with writing. Another idea starts to haunt you, characters begin to develop and the next thing you know there is an opening line and… suddenly you are a few thousand words into the next saga and… you dream it, you research it and you imagine it… Blooming ‘eck! I realised that whether I like it or not writing is part of me and I am compelled to write – I just can’t help it. In some ways it is the same as breathing. As much as I can hold my breath at some point I am going to have to give in and let it happen naturally.


So with all this in mind, why am I sharing this… Well I was thinking about what my favourite ‘best bits’ of my writing have been in the last couple of years… So I am going to list them:

  1. When Cruise Ship Creatures began selling very quickly and very unexpectedly.
  2. When Stockton Harris (audio producer) sent through his laughing outtakes.
  3. When I received the illustrations for Monsters.
  4. When I created the cover for Wyld.
  5. When a friend told me one of my humorous books helped her laugh even though she was experiencing extreme grief.
  6. When The Short Course in Creative writing had a huge sales spurt.
  7. When Tingle Dingle and The Treasure Tree was read to a group of children and they loved it.
  8. When my friend’s children told me The Hairy Legged Mystery was their favourite.
  9. Sitting crying laughing at the story of ‘Free Eye with Every Treatment’. I had to go for walk because I was laughing so hard.!
  10. Receiving the first audio chapters of Gargantuan Adventures.

So, back to this reflection… and because I literally feel the need to share the fun… I am going to post a series of audio and written chapters from Cruise Ship Creatures, as I said it is selling well and makes people laugh… So if you can share laughter with the world… Then why not!

Right, reflection over… We know what the world needs! More fun and more laughter…





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