Will Gulp, The Greedy Monster, Win the Monsters’ Dance?

gULP.JPGNot too far away, in a mossy cranny, where the ancient lichen-covered trees arched into a beautiful branch-entwined house, Gulp the greedy monster was gyrating. He had a round head, large eyes and a mouth that could fit a water melon inside. Gulp, as his name suggested, was known to hoover up food. If there was a lavish buffet, and he reached it first, then there would be nothing left for anyone else. The speed at which he ate astounded the other monsters and his reputation for gobbling up anything he could lay his multiple hands on was the talk of the forest. He had once arrived early at a birthday party and before the other monstery guests arrived he had eaten all the party food including the birthday cake. Needless to say, he was told off and never invited to a birthday party again (which made him sad but he just couldn’t help himself). When he was asked why he ate everything and didn’t leave anything for anyone else, his excuse was that eating everything he could lay his hands on was simply his instinct. If there was food nearby then he had to gulp it. The problem was his greedy gut tendencies made him very fat and he had been advised by the Monster Medics that he had do something to keep him fit otherwise he would be ill. That was when he learned to dance. Through his dancing he discovered that he could move and shake his stomach like a belly dancer. The rhythmic belly ripple was hypnotising. That mesmerising mid-rift motion could send a whole room into a dream and when they were in that state he could wipe out the food and no one would know it was him. Gulp had a plan, he knew there was going to be a lot of party food at the Monsters’ Dance. If he could generate the right guttural gyration then he could festively feast on fiendish food far beyond his imagination. The thought of a festive feast excited him and he intended to win!

Will Gulp, the greedy monster win The Monsters’ Dance?





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