In the cruise industry there are four day cruises that are known to the crew as ‘the party cruises.’ The reason that these are the party cruises is that the passengers are a type. They are often drinkers who like to party and four days is within their budget to get completely and absolutely smashed. The party cruises that leave from England often go to Amsterdam and have an overnight in the city where cake can cause hallucinations and it is legal to be illegal. The other party cruises sometimes go to Hamburg, Belgium or Guernsey. Those that go from the U.S often visit a few Caribbean islands and involve a huge amount of rum.

Originally the short cruises were designed as taster cruises for those who had never cruised before. They were cheaper and people could get a taste for cruising to see if they wanted to experience longer cruise durations. What the companies had not anticipated was the influx of stag-dos, hen nights and those who just wanted to experience a cheap cruise. Of course there were people who fancied a nice trip to Amsterdam or Hamburg; although, they were few and far between. Many ended up completely swept up in the party culture and rather than be able to beat them they joined them (face down on the disco dance floor). The party cruise (for the crew on ships that have an average guest age of seventy) is something to look forward to. Suddenly the DJ has something to do. The disco dance floor is filled and that isn’t with people doing the jive or ballroom dancing. The Officers usually venture out and struggle doing their duties for a few days as they break the rules and have a glass of wine. Just so you know the Officers and crew are randomly breathalysed because there is a no drinking rule on board. If any individual measures more 0.05 they can be dismissed instantly. What makes this more interesting is that the crew and Officers can be off duty and will still be breathalysed. So imagine the temptation for the crew for younger people, partying and the dreaded alcohol temptation. The combinations is a potential cruisey disaster. The crew party into the night and have to still deliver service every day, while the guests roll out of bed when they fancy and begin the cycle of general carnage, hangover-dom and dehydration. As a result, they often go for the hair of the dog solution and neck a beer, a gin or whisky when they wake. 

MDY116763 MDRYselection12 JPG

What is worse than a hangover and feeling slightly green? Well that is when the ship hits a storm during a hangover. It is quite a sight watching people determinedly partying when the party platform is pitching and rolling in all directions. The disco dance floor is quite a spectacle to behold when the gyrating group all find themselves unintentionally shimmying to the edge of the dance floor on one side of the room. The ship will then shift and they quickly find themselves on the other side of the dance floor without even trying. It is as if magic has taken place. When there has been a lot of alcohol involved then the dancing can result in piles – where a mass jolt runs through the ship and people are swept off their feet simultaneously. It is hard enough to walk in a sozzled straight-line but when the ship is bouncing about any sort of balance or coordination becomes a real challenge. The dance floor can take on the feeling of an obstacle course while people determinedly shake their stuff while they get shaken.

On an additional note, there are sometimes ‘Party Cruisers’ who stumble onto the wrong cruise. Somehow something went wrong and the party cruise animals find themselves on a cruise where the average age is seventy-five. With this in mind, this becomes the best kind of spotting potential because you will notice that the party animals can’t dampen down so they will do their best to get those of the matured life experience to join in. If you can’t beat them then try and get them involved! There have been some magical moments in the disco where a request for something lively has been played and the party animals give it some welly while the older majority cover their ears with their hands and look horrified. Beauty!






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